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The Tokens – The Lion Sleeps Tonight

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The Tokens, Rock & Roll

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  1. 0:00 When the school shooter's about to leave the classroom but the autistic kid's light-up Lightning McQueen Skechers go off.

  2. Lions don’t live in jungles…

  3. You can tell from the quality of the 0:00 comments who actually can make good jokes

  4. 0:00 when the song first starts

  5. 0:00 When you're that 0.01 of bacteria that the soap doesn't clean

  6. I love all the fucks with their stupid comments. Just enjoy the song.

  7. 1965 – 1973: "Oh my word, this is a great song. Can't stop listening!"1974-1989: Still kinda cool1990-2003: This is what I listened to while at grandma's house2004-2010: Really old song2010-2018: Not a good song at all2019-present: MEME MEME MEME MEME MEME MEME

  8. I love this song. Thanks grandma

  9. This sounds like a song you would hear soldiers singing in the Vietnam War

  10. 0:000:15 When you are half way through fapping but you realize you forgot to lock the door and the door knob turns

  11. The song is actually about freedom for the blacks in south africa, the lion sleeps but when the lion awakes it shall fight for freedom

  12. 0:00 when you see everyone meming this classic masterpiece

  13. 0:00 cuando ves que tu crush se beso con otro :''""v el no te ama

  14. 0:00 when you have full diamond then you fall in lava and die

  15. When mayonnaise isn't an instrument

  16. When your crush doesn't respond

  17. 0:00 when your crush tell you she likes you

  18. Все сюда пришли ради 0:00

  19. When somebody said roblox is a kid game 0:00

  20. It sounds like pawing-mawan to me

  21. postare oggi ,alla morte del proprio padre , la canzone iL LEONE SI è ADDORMENTATO è per me profondamente significativo e commovente. Un abbraccio , Marco.

  22. 0:00 when you witnessed that your crush is gay

  23. 00:01 when your Halo teammate's Last Login says: ~7 years ago~

  24. 0:00 when ur on mobile and u click on time stamp but it misses and pulls up replies

  25. When u see a 0:00 joke and u have to replay the whole thing for full effect

  26. When you have an exam on Monday “one more game” “what time is it” 5:00 pm Monday “ 0:00

  27. Everytime i hear this song i fucking think of tom from tom and jerry

  28. why was inlove with this song when i was like super young

  29. 0:00 when you can’t find a comment not about 0:00

  30. 0:00 When you don't learn that your actions have consequences.

  31. 0:00 when you fart too loud in class

  32. 0:00 when you are in the hospital bathroom and the power goes out

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