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The Tuts Live on BBC News | Taylor Swift, Tax dodging Companies & The Tory Government

The Tuts Live on BBC News discussing Taylor Swift, Tax dodging Companies & The Tory Government

Nadia and Harriet from The Tuts appeared live on air at the BBC to discuss the latest Taylor Swift and Apple music saga with Sophie Long. As well as shedding some light on royalties and what they mean to unsigned/smaller artists they discuss Tax Dodging companies and The Tory Government.

Do I Have to Look for Love? Video:

Confronting Boris Johnson in their local library:

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Thanks to Rob, Sophie Long and the BBC!

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  1. Can you imagine Nadia in a conversation that don’t go her way,the drum kit , the guitars would get flung in a total tantrum..

  2. More looked The Sluts if you ask me.

  3. "Boris tried to come into our library and we just told him to get out" :clap:

  4. I wish the interview had done her job rather then getting all when the Nadia was being sarcastic about shoplifting and delved in more and asked what kind of day job ?
    Every day job I've had would leave me drained to play gigs plus a lot expect you to work when they want round the clock. I'm a musician but when I get another job I wanna make sure it does not consume that part of me.

  5. Love you girls! Saw you on tour with Kate Nash <3

  6. totally awesome bad the tuts seen them supporting selecter, proper girl band!!

  7. Brilliant real people at last!!!!

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