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Toni Braxton – Long As I Live (Official Music Video)

Get Toni Braxton’s album ‘Sex & Cigarettes’ here:

Music video by Toni Braxton performing Long As I Live. © 2018 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Comments (49)

  1. Two Stepping until HE COMES BACK…..💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 2019

  2. Just saw her video on tv and she still is fine . She alway had a Sexy voice to me. It nice to see her sisters in the video backing her.


  4. If you can't be with the one you love, it's okay. Like hell it is!!!

  5. Now this is real music! I listen to this song everyday

  6. Toni You're Beautiful !!! Carolyn F. Chicago Illinois. Thanks For All the Beautiful Songs !

  7. 2019 anyone as long as I live I will always listening to this song

  8. Good sound,good voice.. Back again to 90's.

  9. Alguém do Brasil aí ??? 🙌

  10. This sounds like a modern R&B song… Congrats, Ms. Braxton!!

  11. We let Cardi B in but left Toni blowin' in the wind??? We gotta change this!!!

    BTW….Herly Ulysse is damn handsome!!!!

  12. Songs so fire and i know its about her mother

  13. Any one else in 2019 i hear it song every day

  14. Está. Me trás lembranças. Do amor verdadeiro,😍😍😘

  15. R n b has been missing you ms Braxton

  16. I can't believe this was simply last year and not some of her earlier work from the 90s

  17. I like Toni, always have loved her music. Her choreographer is whack in this video! Got my girl holding herself like a dude and those shoulder pads! No No!!!

  18. Tony you are forever my woman I cant get enough of listening to your music .Your voice keeps me going…

  19. She is very energic and full of choreography

  20. Hope she got another album coming love all her songs

  21. this is so 90's and loving it

  22. She still looks and sounds amazing.

  23. 32 M views, i think half of those are mine
    my favorite singer of all time

  24. 15k idiots turn this song down need to check their choleca

  25. This will be my spring/summer theme n mood!!!

  26. I swear this my life so long as I live I always u Brian Jackson no will one will ever compare to our love

  27. Greetings from prince knight and shiny armor

  28. This ebony babe is Amazing, she haven't and will never lost it

  29. What's wrong with the characters who for whatever reason don't like this song. Hey, they sell cotton buds.

  30. Yes to real R and B. She's the queen of reinventing herself!

  31. Get it Tony. Yes honey🍹🍸🥂🍾🍷

  32. Toni,, A living legend!!!!! Love it!!!! Do it boo😍

  33. Who else can’t believe she’s a mom

  34. I just heard this song a month ago and im in love with it. This is unacceptable that this song has been around a year and im just hearing it.

  35. Nice song but they look and act like dudes in this video. look very sick and disgusting

  36. TONI BRAXTON THE L E G E N D! #2019

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