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Top 10 Craziest Moments Caught By Paparazzi

Sometimes you wish that these vultures would leave the poor celebrities alone. Other times, you can’t help but be amazed by their work. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Craziest Moments Caught By Paparazzi. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►

For this list. we’re looking at the most historic and amazing moments of celebrity culture that were caught by the paparazzi and their cameras.

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Comments (44)

  1. Also….who the fuck would want to see Paul Walker dying horribly?


  2. I’m not a spears fan but my heart broke when she had break down on camara

  3. No duh for #5 twilight sucks

  4. Then when the celebs see this on tv there probably like, “how the hell do they know?!?!?!?!?”

  5. 4:30 Robert Pattinson looks like Matthew Perry with Down's Syndrome.

  6. Spears is a loser, always and forever..

  7. Bieber is a loser, pig, and no star!! Yuck!!

  8. Um, regarding Amy winehouse, did he not look scratched up? Just me?

  9. Some celebrities cough Kim Kardashian cough call the paps to tell them where they'll be!

  10. paparazzi are killers (Princess DIANA and Others)

  11. Kristen Stewart is the woman who sleeps her way to the top… Pure cunt…

  12. Paparazzies sometimes are being asshole tbh…

  13. Michael Jackson wasn’t a weird person

  14. Formulaic show. 1. Subject. 2. What we won’t cover. 3. Then 5 percent real subject matter then 95 percent blabbing over each sequence. Criticism. You never go back in time past 20 years insulting your audience with assumptions about their understanding of history. What of Elvis, The Beatles, Hitler, Muhammad Ali, past presidents, Marilyn Monroe etc etc. it’s due to you being cheap and unwilling to pay licensing fees in my opinion for valuable media you can’t afford.

  15. Where is the video proving your point? Your narrator is just Blah blah blah with a show format that never changes. It’s all soo predictable.

  16. Why is it anybody's business if two women kiss topless or not.
    Why is any of this anybody's business.

  17. may I ask why Aermicans call a Porsche for a Porscha I really want to know hi I am John but call me jo not really the same

  18. LOL… Beaver's little beaver. That's a good one.

  19. Im sry but I've driven down my little dirt road with my 2 yr old on my lap or when my 12 yr old was 2 her uncle would let her "drive"around the parking lot. I mean not on main roads but kinda the same and who the hell hasn't almost dropped a squirmy baby from tripping?! I have 4 kids and I've tripped before and almost dropped them, thier dad fell on the ice one time while carrying one of them from the car and my sister's chair broke when she was holding my daughter when she was 1 1/2. Those were accidents. I kinda feel bad for Britney Spears. No one's perfect and imagine having EVERYTHING you do put on tv. The driving thing was dangerous but the tripping thing was an accident. It would suck having all your mistakes out there for the world to see and then follow you around forever!

  20. Rest in peace heathe ledger

  21. I think its all illuminate …!!

  22. who came here to see biebers lil bieber ? hit like if u got this ..!!

  23. Don't talk shit about MJ. DON'T go there.

  24. A blind man can tell some of these are staged

  25. Hey, now…Cara only has a few years of a shelf life left before she becomes a has been…she has to do SOMETHING to maintain attention.

  26. Paparazzi is very seriously to blame for Lady Di's death

  27. Why do you fuckers have to lie so much?

  28. Just to tell you Justin Bieber's dick is small

  29. best joker ever!! no contest

  30. Di's death was a total conspiracy. The driver was said to be drunk, but video minutes before show otherwise. Witnesses say there was a giant flash of light, right before the crash.There are military devices that can strobe a light so powerful, that it can immobilize you. And the paparazzi were the pansy's in all of this

  31. 4:03 omg… My mother is going to be soo sad when she sees this…

    Yeah she is a twilight fan

  32. Doesn't anyone else think that having panic attacks are a way of life that could be stressful? Maybe it was a normal panic attack that just was blown out of proportion.

  33. She upgraded from rob who broke or sprained something in his leg picking her up for a photo shoot to a handsome dude.

  34. I didn’t know heath was doing cocaine. Was he going to star as Dr Rockso after the joker

  35. We can all say that Britney Spears was on her way on being murdered by the paparazzi. Just like they murdered Princess Diana and yes they were part of the cause of that crash. Even South Park made a good point in an episode even though it was fucked up but like butters said, "you killed her."

  36. Honestly, Justin just should have made that photo his Christmas card for that year, substitute black spot with appropriate candy cane…

  37. Poor Britney! I remember seeing her cried after more than 100 paparazzi chasing her and scream at her and the people around is asking her to leave because she causes a scene.

  38. Come on! I honestly don't think Kristen is actually in a relationship with Robert Pattinson. They've never admitted to dating rumors, they just sorta go along with it for publicity to get fans more hype up for the next Twilight movie!

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