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Top 10 Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Drummers

These guys certainly know how to lay down a heavy beat. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 hard rock and heavy metal drummers. Check us out at and Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at 🙂

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Comments (40)

  1. Also… Danny is number one

  2. How the french toast is blake richardson not even an honorable mention?

  3. You putting Tomas Haake on honorable mention is down right disrespectful

  4. 8:07 grrrrrrrr that song was the trooper the made my day shit 😤

  5. My top 3:
    1. The rev
    2. Mike portnoy
    3. Brann dailor

  6. What's so wrong with Lars Ulrich? He's a great drummer

  7. Where's Nick Menza or Gar Samuelson?

  8. Ummmm…….Matt Greiner from August Burns Red. Easily should've been on this list.

  9. Exclude classic rock, why van Halen? Duh.

  10. Lars at #3?
    He shouldnt be on the list

  11. In my opinion the Rev is number 1

  12. They should’ve had someone with an understanding of music (specifically drums) read this. She just comes off as having no idea what she’s reading. Might be wrong but that’s what’s coming through.

  13. Jordison should be way closer to the top spot.

  14. My fav
    1:John Dalmayan System of a down
    2:Joey Jordison Slipknot
    3:Danny carey Tool

  15. Okay come on, Lars is not better than Nicko McBrain or mike portnoy

  16. I stopped watching when I saw Lars Ulrich in a better position than Nicko McBrain. Whoever made this list knows shit about drumming

  17. Joey should have been up higher😭


  19. I love lars Ulrich but, he should notbe in the top 3, I say maybe 8-9

  20. Neil pert? Wm needs to do their homework.

  21. Thomas Hack below some of them????😂😂😂 gtfo

  22. Lars ahead of Portnoy? Okay…

  23. Jordison is a fucking maniac on drums a true legend

  24. This is basically a list of “drummers of the top 10 biggest/most popular metal bands”. It is littered with errors and it is as if someone has typed “heavy metal drummer” into google and made a video about the first 10 results….

  25. Lars Ulrich – amazing drummer? LOL

  26. Shows run to the hills maiden starts playing the trooper

  27. um, Brann Dailor was in the clip with Danny Carey, but not mentioned in the list?! He's top 5 for sure

  28. U fuckers didn't put Neil peart in the list… really 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  29. Why was Joey jordison kicked out of Slipknot?

  30. I think this list is not that well done. Mike portnoy and dany carey should be fighting number 1 position. Sure dave lombardo is good. But these guys make difficult rythms and speed.

  31. cmon if you are going to make a list at least get the drummers right. Clive Burr played on the Number Of The Beast album NOT Nico Mcbrain. His 1st album was Piece Of Mind. Get your FACTS RIGHT!!!!!!!!

  32. #1 is correct BUT what about Charlie Benate?

  33. You put run to the hills when it was the trooper at 8:08

  34. Tommy lee? Where’s he at

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