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Top 10 Minecraft Creations

Personally I built a shed with no windows – I don’t think it can get much more complex than that, can it? Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Minecraft Creations. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at 🙂

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Comments (34)

  1. Number 8 is easy. Anyone could do it in like 2 days


  3. Best survival build: TangoTek's evil base from Hermitcraft season 5.

  4. I'm doing a super map problem is I've spent a couple of years and I'm not even done yet. Maybe in 1 more year it will finally be finished

  5. That guy at number two has slot of time on his hands

  6. It's sad how this game has become ruined by memes and 3 year olds when really it is just about creativity

  7. How are none of Jeracrafts builds here?

  8. I am now ashamed of everything i have ever built

  9. yeah those are good but have you seen my 6×6 dirt house with a fucking basement? i'm literally a god these kids ain't got nothing on me

  10. I cant even build a villager village

  11. 8:35 did they not eat sleep or drink since minecraft was created!?!?!?!? holy crap!

  12. Jurassic Park by Adam Schuster

  13. I can build a house… Ain't that cool?

  14. I wish I could download Minecraft

  15. the Golden city: i did not Saw one block gold

  16. Minecraft is a deep game. Deeper than GTA 5

  17. CHECK IT OUT! It has a working door, and a crafting table. TELL ME THAT SHIT ISN’T BAD ASS!

  18. Can anyone please tell me what the soundtracks in that video are? First tracks sound pretty interesting

  19. i just can imagine that….

  20. R u sure? No Jeracraft build? He's the most amazing builder out there to be honest.

  21. I wish Minecraft wasn’t seen as such a kids game, I’m 17 and I love the game 🙁

  22. "Rome may not have been built in a day but this city was built by hand"…

    no kidding…

    Rome was also built by hand

  23. I gotta give the #1 spot to the entirety of Middle Earth. virtually every place is breathtakingly epic and massive.

  24. I’m currently building a city myself right now and it’s been in construction for 1 year now since it began last year in October

  25. You know what is REALLY amazing? Its that we have built cities like this and larger… in real life!

  26. russian rage kid 'blyat' on youtube

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