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Top 10 Minecraft Songs 2018! Top 10 Best Animated Minecraft Music Videos 2018!

Top 10 Minecraft Songs, Animations, Music 2018! Top 10 Best Animated Minecraft Music Videos! Psycho Girl, Hacker, Castle Raid Psycho Girl 8 and more!
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MC Jams creates Minecraft songs and Minecraft animations that are kid friendly with no swearing. Marvel, DC and FNAF characters have also made appearances including Batman, Spiderman, Harley Quinn, The Joker, Freddy and more! For the best video game and Minecraft songs make sure to subscribe! If you would like to see our most popular videos on YouTube you can view the Top 10 MC Jams and Minecraft videos below:

Top 10:

1. Minecraft Song: 1 HOUR Version “Girls Know How To Fight” Psycho Girl 1 – Minecraft Song

2. Minecraft Song and Minecraft Animation “Hacker” Top Minecraft Songs by Minecraft Jams

3. Minecraft Song and Minecraft Animation “Castle Raid 1” Minecraft Song by Minecraft Jams

4. Minecraft Songs “Fight Like A Girl” Psycho Girl 3 and Little Square Face Minecraft Songs

5. Minecraft Songs and Minecrafts Animation “Boys Cant Beat Me” Psycho Girl 2 – Top Minecraft Songs

6. Minecraft Song and Minecraft Animation “Gimme Back My Pig” Psycho Girls Little Sister Minecraft Song

7. Psycho Girl 1-4 The Complete Minecraft Music Video Series – Minecraft Songs and Minecraft Animation

8. Minecraft Songs “Back to Hack” Hacker 2 Minecraft Song Ft. Sans From Undertale Top Minecraft Songs

9. Minecraft Song and Minecraft Animation “Little Square Face 3” Top Minecraft Songs by Minecraft Jams

10. Minecraft Song and Minecraft Animation “We Be Teaming” Castle Raid 2 – Top Minecraft Songs

Most Viewed Top 10 Minecraft Song Video on MC Jams:

Top 10 Minecraft Songs, Animations, Music 2017! Top 10 Best Animated Minecraft Music Videos Ever

Many of the Minecraft songs in the Top 10 above come from the original Minecraft character series MC Jams created including: Little Square Face, Psycho Girl, Hacker and Psycho Girl’s Little Sister. If you have requests for Minecraft songs leave a comment, we love reading your comments for suggestions!

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  18. Who's the new girl in the background 0:11

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  20. I love pycho girl and little square face

  21. I love you hacker and psycho girl

  22. My skin is like Herobrine’s daughter but has like a teal and white outfit sorta and has brown hair and has a headband that has teal and white flowers if that help you of what I look like and you can make me Herobrine’s daughter and fight Psycho Girl if you want I don’t really care I just really really really really really really really want to be in one of your videos please and comment back if you read this please that would mean the world to me (sorry this is so long)

  23. Omg I LUV this trailer. Probably the BEST so far!

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