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This Video Is About Top 10 Most Viewed Music Videos Each Year (2010-2018)


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Comments (27)

  1. Wow 2018 was all Spanish I don’t believe that where was freaky Friday it was one of my favourite

  2. By the later half of 2018, the #2 spot was ahead as #1 with 1.5+ Billion
    and the #1 here is #2 with 1$+ billion

  3. 2018 is just Spanish ig dam no asap rocky or uzi xo tour life

  4. 14:17 Almost the entire world saw Despacito!

  5. he sound like ice jj fish when he sang shake it off

  6. Love that hip-hop is biggest genre now, and j count reggaton aswell

  7. 2018 the year of spanish music

  8. Who remembers back in like 2014 watching Teen Nick top ten and seeing all these songs on there ahhhh good times

  9. The Spanish music is just dance music and not good lyrics. Shit is garbage af

  10. well gucci gang was not on the list and it had more views then 2018 top 10 song so the list is awful

  11. Bachata music plays: I nEeD tO lEaRn SaLsA

  12. So you telling me not one chris brown video didn't have that many views?

  13. eminem is the only hip hop artist of this decade with over a billion views on 2 videos

  14. Where was Gucci gang ???

  15. it was updated recently but only changed a bit so…

  16. Why does spanish music have the same beat🤔

  17. When I first heard All about that bass I was like what the heck is this?

  18. see you again is the only song that would make a nigga cry for the one time no cap

  19. how tf is bad and bouje not in 2016 ffs

  20. Brandon messed up on katty perry Roar trying to sing 😂😂😂😂

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