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Top 10 Motion Capture Performances

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Comments (40)

  1. Why is Smaug so low tho?

  2. Without watching: Number one – Andy Serkis/Gollum, Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit franchise.

  3. Came into the video knowing that Andy would hold the most spots

  4. I had visions of me being the real Gollum inspiring the film :/

  5. Ray Harryhousen Number 1 👊

  6. Ahmed best not even on the list wow

  7. Andy serkis the GOAT 🐐 no cap 😤

  8. 1 should be gollum, just as I assumed

  9. Andy serkis is the best in his job

  10. Why. The. F bomb. Is Smaug number bloody 10?
    And, ugly caricature Dooobbbyyyy is above Smaug and Kong!
    Clap… clap…. clap.

  11. It's a crime putting Smaug on 10, he is the only one on the list who's not a humanoid, and if you see him doing it he blows your mind. It's a ridiculous thing, seeing a man acting as a dragon, but the acting is so fucking good you can't laugh at it.. He deserves being in top 5 at least (he's number 1 for me) he is the best thing in the movie… Maybe the only good thing.

  12. Josh Brolin as thanos

  13. He was an awesome vilain in Black Panther. They should have used him more in full appearance roles.

  14. I remember why I stoped watching. Channel is still bullshit.

    YOU, not really Intellect human beings at your podiums, thought Benedict Cumberbatch, as SMAUG, didn’t deserve any higher?

    Clearly they only researched the movies, not the actual seems going into it.
    Benedict crawled, he spat, he used heavy amounts of thrill and energy.
    Yet, the fucking thing from Harry Potter is up ahead? Or that stupid animated movie?

    This show helps creates failure

  15. I wonder if there should be Another Top 10 Motion Capture Performances video. If so, the following should be included:
    -Seth MacFarlane as Ted
    -Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk
    -Arnold Vosloo as Ihmotep
    -James Spader as Ultron
    -Doug Jones as The Silver Surfer
    -Andy Serkis as Supreme Leader Snoke
    -Alan Tudyk as K-2SO
    -Josh Brolin as Thanos
    -Ahmed Best as Jar Jar Binks (probably would be on the lower end)
    -Phobe Waller-Bridge as L3-37

  16. Serkis really deserves the Oscar for his trayectory. In other hand, today (2018) in this list most be include the Brolin/Thanos performance as one of the best motion capture performances in the industry.

  17. They’re gonna have to do a redux of this video to include Thanos

  18. Andy serkis 4 EVER in movie history!

  19. Why is Dutch made into Scottish twice?

  20. Add Josh Brolin to the list now.

  21. Put Josh Brolin on no 1 spot for Thanos. Best Mo cap ever seen….

  22. Has Andy sirkus won any Oscars?

  23. oh man in rise of the planet of the apes the scene that gave me chills was the scene where caesar yells no.

  24. This needs an update

  25. I actually think Caesar was the #1 motion-capture acting performance, because not only did Serkis near perfectly play a primate, but he showed Caesar's intelligence through powerful yet subtle micro-expressions. A chimp growing more human is a difficult balance to maintain, and Serkis pulled it off, making Caesar a scene-stealing, plot-driving, believable character that drew our sympathy.

  26. So what about Josh brolin as thanos

  27. 2018 no 1 Josh brolin as mad Titan thanos 😍😍

  28. I thought they said that Lawrence Fishburne played the silver surfer in the Fantastic Four movie.

  29. Serkis is definitely the best…hands down

  30. Ceaser should definitely be #1….with smegol as #2

  31. When I was a kid everyday I would rush home after school just to watch the cartoon tin tin.. it is one of my favorite cartoons as a kid…so is duck tales

  32. I mean i get it serkis is really good at what he does but did you have to put him in four of the ten spots

  33. rocket and groot not even mentioned

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