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Top 10 Movie Couples Who Hated Each Other in Real Life

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Comments (44)

  1. I am going to get so much hate for this but Idc Leo's face when he realises that she is still alive is priceless LoL

  2. Nooooo! Not Baby and Johnny!

  3. Alice Eve hated to Jennifer Morrison and Zoe Saldana in Star Trek info darkness

  4. Zoe Saldana hated to Jennifer Morrison in Star Trek movie

  5. I wonder if the guys in Dumb and Dumber used to argue about who was the "……".

  6. Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder – Bram Stoker`s Dracula.

  7. 10:43 I read about this, I did. But clearly, I think this was Hoffman`s fault.

  8. 2:10 Swayze probably did not enjoy that nose looking at him

  9. I'm no longer watching this channel an some of these are very wrong!

  10. I find the inclusion of Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep in KRAMER VS KRAMER a bit hard to believe. They are both Method actors and I would have thought their shared approach to character would have been a draw.

  11. leo and claire wasnt even that bad lol

  12. Search bullship Jennifer Gray was in love with him she was fixing to leave her husband for him

  13. Leo and Claire looked so good together

  14. Sliver—- one really crappy movie. Notebook was wonderful and I know many guys who loved that movie.

  15. Damn y'all throwing shade at Vince Vaughn but i thought he was hilarious in that movie

  16. Pierce Brosnan apologised. What a true gent❀️

  17. Like Wilson and Kate Beckinsale
    Vacancy (2007)
    Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan
    Fifty Shades of Gray (2015)

  18. Whatever Julia Roberts said about Nick Nolte, he played amazing in The Warrior.

  19. Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp…
    Now I know her only on-screen partner she didn't sleep with. Maybe he refused, and the well-known biatch got angry.

  20. I can't imagine any of Leo's female co stars liking the guy, he is a pig with mild talent at best


  22. Another good one would have been Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren in "El Cid". He was pissed off that she was paid more than he was and refused to wear make-up that made her look older in the movie's later scenes and that she was frequently late to the set and that her breath smelled of garlic.

  23. But isn’t this true of a lot of occupations? I worked with teachers and school nurses who were drama seekers. Some people are poison pills that you have to avoid as much as possible. Difficult people, both men and women, are in every occupation.

  24. Marylin Monroe? She's only human.

  25. Great narrative, so rarely heard on YouTube,

  26. And why do you think that Gere and Winger didn't get on? Lol…

  27. Lol hating on Leonardo DiCaprio now look where he is πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Eat a dick fool πŸ€™πŸ˜‚

  28. why the fuck did i watch half of this? get out before you waste too much of your life.

  29. Lots of people have talked about what a jack@$$ richard gere is

  30. Olivier and Monroe. He TRULY hated her guts. He had no respect for her acting and didn't think she was all that attractive. Of course, he was married to Vivien Leigh so beauty wasn't really a luxury for him.

  31. It sounds like a lot of these actors need to grow up.

  32. 10 jennifer grey and appartenly patrick swayze ??80s dd excellent acting then 9 leo and claire didnt get on wow r and j ok performances i say 90s 9 reese Witherspoon and vince vaughan 4 xmases 00s oh ok never seen it 8 marliyn monroe and lawerence olivier 60s actually really funny prince and the sg 7 stone and baldwin can't remember the film 90s oh so bad i can't remember it 6 nick nolte and julia Roberts 90s dont know film they are bad in this 5 teri h and p bronson bond film this was a ok film 90s 4 Richard gere and debra winger officer and a g 80s yeah its not my fave 3 ryan gosling and rachel mcadams the notebook 00s great film despite rivalry 2 marliyn monroe and tony curtis some like it hot 50s akws 1 carrie fisher doesnt seem in drop dead fred 90s to be warm with phoebe cates 😣

  33. How could you hate Leo 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😒

  34. The worst movie in the world is notebook

  35. Claire Danes sucked in romeo and Juliette!

  36. Lon Chaney Jr. & Evelyn Ankers on the set of "The Wolf Man" (1941). They went on to co-star in several more films, even though it was well reported that they could not stand each other.

  37. Dirty Dancing is an awful movie. Still a better love story than Twilight.

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