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Top 10 PS2 Games

Time to countdown the best games, from the best selling home console of all time. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 PS2 games. Special thanks to our users “dimple2rite”, “Evan Charles Sawatsky”, “Jack Morris”, “Shawn Frary”, “Superviper500”, “SoulSurvivorsGaming”, “kermitthefrog87654”, “David NM”, “MrJeffreyOrlando”, “fahad999ksa”, “Jacob Levy”, “Bryan Rodriguez”, “TropicalRemixed”, “Jeremiah Betito” and “Justin Kennon” for submitting the idea for this video on our page!

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Comments (24)

  1. Exuce me, SH2 only honorable mention?!!!


  3. GoW in 4 ???? the first 2 God of War games are the best, should be easily number 1,2 in the list

  4. prince of persia two thrones

  5. i think i can only agree with god of war and gta

  6. I think resident evil 4 has best graphics to any ps2 game

  7. My list
    1. God of war
    2. resident evil 4
    3. Shadow of colossus
    4. urben reign
    5. Prince of Persia
    6. DMC
    7. God hand
    8. San andreas
    9. Budokai tenkachi 3
    10. Pain

  8. Do not ** with kratos
    you're humiliating him by put him #4

  9. Atv off-road fury and hot shots golf


  11. How did I know the first one

  12. MGS3 number 1 in my mind

  13. Resident evil 4?
    God of war 2?
    God hand?
    Dbz shin budokai?
    Tom and Jerry war of the whiskers?
    Your brain?

  14. TimeSplitters 2 is #1 you uneducated buffoons

  15. There was this one 3rd person shooter I think, and you had different weapons and there was this weapon sort of shaped like a baton that could shoot lightning and I don't remember the name of the game.

  16. where is wwe here comes the pain

  17. Mortal Kombat Armagadon

    Hope i spelled that right

  18. no this is wrong…!!!, resident evil 4, dbz budokai 3, pain, onimosha 3, rule of rose were even the best game ever…..

  19. Grove Street 4 Life But
    Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks & Dragon Ball Z Bodukai Tenkaichi 3 they are also best games of PS2 not yet mentioned…….

  20. Always Kratos God of war

  21. where tf is "beyond good & evil" ??

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