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Top 10 Rock performance that made coaches Crazy in The voice Audition 2018

Names Contestants AND Songs:

1. ira green: “Black Dog”
2. ไนท์ วิทวัส: “Black Dog”
3. Louis-Paul Gauvreau: “Stabwound”
4. Juan Carlos Cano: “Here I Go Again”
5. Giacomo Voli: “rock and roll”
6. Monika Pilarczyk: “Livin’ on a Prayer”
7. Travis Cormier: “Dream On”
8. Эдель Пьер: “Whole Lotta”
9. JUNJI ARIAS: “I’ll Be There For You”
10. Антон Якубовский: “Crying”

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Comments (28)

  1. Top 10 Blind Auditions Shocked coaches in The voice 2018

  2. the one long hair guy is amazing

  3. คนไทยมารวมกันตรงนี้🇹🇭😀

  4. I love the long hair with tattoo. His voice is really amazing, I've been watching his audition many times " Here we go again ".

  5. มีคนไทยด้วย

  6. 4:56 isnt that the girl who sang "Loca loca" shakira? On the same show.

  7. ładnie ale dream on najładniej zaśpiewał Ronnie James Dio ever nie rozumie idei takich programów po programie ci artyści skazani są na niebyt

  8. Como se llama la señorita que se sienta en el botón para voltear ?

  9. What's the name of that incredible singer, at 12:15? I can't understand the Cyrillic alphabet:D

  10. They all were absolutely great but the bold guy with face tattoos is my favorite.. 😂

  11. Great singers and great summary of the performances. But f*cking annoying popups about new video's and subscribing

  12. love how three songs were zep

  13. 우리나라처럼 잘부르는 사람은 안뽑고
    음역대 상관없이 소울 있는 사람을 뽑네….
    마지막은 첫소절 들을때 뽑았음 우리나라였으면

  14. Acdc is so easy to sing.. any guy can do it

  15. The guy hits his button before the singer opened his mouth! These shows are rigged!

  16. 06:12 que merda, o cara errou o botão kkkkkk

  17. Travis omg unbelievably goood

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