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Top 10 Sports Anthems

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Comments (29)

  1. Eye of the Tiger for Manny Pacquiao

  2. as soon i saw the honorable mentions, i knew what number 1 was going to be..
    if Queen was on the list id have been shocked.. but we are the champions should be mentioned somewhere..

  3. Ac dc hells bells did you forget

  4. Where is…
    We are the champions by Queen….????????

  5. I think it's a wee hoo not a woo hoo

  6. They should have put both we will rock you and we are the champions in no,1 since both are sports anthem like we will rock you at the beginning of a sports match and we are the champion on the ending for the winners

  7. How about song .. hey mickey

  8. I listen to almost all music genre but rock and jazz is the best

  9. What about The Cup Of Life

  10. Ucl 2019 first we will rock you and we are the champions for the champion

  11. Look at Liverpool you’ll never walk alone you monkeys

  12. Yo where is darude sandstorm

  13. The main eveeeeeeeeent

    Ils sont les meilleurs

    Sie sind die Besten

    more awesome trumpets

    These are the champions
    DRUMS and trumpets

  14. I'm sure there not playing Gary Glitter anymore

  15. Forgot renegade how…. Disappointing

  16. 1 hey song
    2 seven nation
    3 eye of the tiger
    4 we will rock you
    5 we are the champions
    6 gonna fly now
    7 never gonna give you up
    8 welcome to the jungle
    9 rubber band man
    10 crazy train

    yeah i´m a small town friday night football game band dude.

  17. Kernkraft 400 sports chant remix

  18. crowd chant – joe satriani

  19. NY rangers should bring welcome to the jungle back

  20. Wheres Zombienation brUh

  21. Samba De Janeiro, We are The Champions and Its Coming Home where are they?!

  22. youll never walk alone.. anyone?  ANYONE??

  23. what about Kernkraft 400 (look it up)

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