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Top 100 Best Songs of 2018 (Year End Chart 2018)

Top 100 Songs of 2018
Top 100 Best Songs of 2018
Top 100 Best Songs of Year 2018

Top 100 Best Songs Of 2017 According to The Billboard Hot 100 Year End Chart 2017.


A collection of the top 100 best songs of 2018 on YouTube. We do our best to make quality videos that are family friendly and can be enjoyed by all family members including kids and younger audience.

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Comments (29)

  1. check what song was #1 for end of the year on billboard stupid

  2. Damn Spanish music is taken over bro thats lit tho.

  3. Half of songs are from 2017…

  4. we will love you XXX
    add me on snapchat@hayesfowler123

  5. Number 17 RIP XXXtentacion

  6. 100 believer😘
    99 mi gente
    98 IDGAF
    80 happier
    73 no brainer
    71 shape of you😘
    65 how long
    60 wolves😘
    46 in my blood😘
    45 him & i
    41 back to you😘
    29 let you down
    26 friends
    24 delicate😘
    22 thunder😘
    20 no tears left to cry
    16 new rules😘
    13 better now😘
    10 girls like you😘
    4 havana
    2 perfect

  7. where is bitch lasagna song

  8. Imagine dragons deserves to be first who's with me?

  9. Still not netter than Benji Ewald

  10. Excuse me.
    What the fuck.
    Are you shitting yourself?
    X Should literally be at first place.

  11. Most of this is girls music….. XD

  12. XXXTentacion's SAD was pretty good

  13. The title should honestly be “random songs from 2018” some songs I’ve never heard of are above songs like “sicko mode”
    And “young dumb and Broke” and other way bigger songs

  14. why the hell is Gucci gang in this list?

  15. im so glad xxxtentacion is dead

  16. Cute all sister, and smoot voice.

  17. No EM song in this list absolute disgrace..

  18. What is the starting music???

  19. Explain to me wtf Gucci gang is on this

  20. who else plays madden 19 and was like I can't believe Big banks was on here

  21. I bet happier be top 10 in 2019 and the tiny bit of people who see this take a cake 🎂

  22. ok. half of these songs are not made in 2018. I want songs that are actually from 2018. stop lying in you r titles

  23. Where’s thank you next?
    Oh and if w are doing songs before 2018 where’s


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