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Top 100 Hit Songs of November 2018

Top 100 Hit Songs of November 2018
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  2. Zayn 💖 Little Mix 💖 Liam Payne ft. Rita Ora 💖

  3. Happy Now,Love Lies,Lucid Dreams,Jackie Chan,X,Finesse,Back to You,I like It,When the Party’s Over,Shallows,These Days,Happier,God is a Woman,Rise,Psycho,Better Now,High Hopes,Without Me,Happier,Thank you Next,Eastside,Solo,Girls Like you,Taki Taki 🧡🧡

    Btw Ik I am a basic white girl 😂

  4. Yeah taki taki is the best

  5. Wht abt Eminem??? 😔😔☹

  6. Mixers and selenators👇👇👇👇👇

  7. Feeling blessed BTS isn't here…..
    They are good…
    But I don't why I don't like them.
    By the way any mendes army???

  8. I came here to find new songs

  9. Black pink .dua lipa.kiss and make up

  10. These songs suck! Honestly

  11. Where are why don't we???

  12. Dhanush lyrics 📝 ilayaraja voice 🎤

    yuvan Shankar raja music 🎹

    = Best hit song of 2018 🎧 🙇 💑💑

  13. The Fuck is Taki Taki and why is it better than Marin 5

  14. So basically anything on kiss9025 T_T

  15. Ariana ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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