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Top 100 – Worst Rap Songs Of 2018 | Reaction

This video is about Top 100 – Worst Rap Songs Of 2018


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Comments (20)

  1. How u do logic like that that song was actually good

  2. Songs that DEFINITELY deserved a spot:

    MGK – Rap Devil (Killshot wasn’t amazing, but the lyrics were just so astronomically better on Killshot that Rap Devil looked like a joke. If you’re gonna waste the most important first line of the song on “his fucking beard is weird”, your song just looks shit to everyone including me. This is the only song I feel like I’ll need to explain.)

    That other MGK joint that was so shit I forgot the name

    Every 6ix9ine song

    Drake – I’m Upset
    Songs I feel are out of place on this list:
    The troll songs and YouTube rap songs, since they aren’t even intended to be top-tier shit

    Icy Narco – LINK

    Drake – Nonstop

    I know I missed a lot but whatever, that’s just the ones I could think of off the top of my head

  3. Jake pual aka a G.A.R and Logan pual aka a G.A.R are so fricken gay I hate them

  4. Blood walk was heat tho

  5. Bitch lasagna is a diss song tf and its a master piece

  6. Yeah but MGK should have never fucked with eminem

  7. The maker of the song was just a 6ix9ine hater… Tekashi is the king of NYC

  8. Come on the song at 11:07 is a banger

  9. Everyday was aucttaly good

  10. I like how he was getting lit to the songs that he said was trash

  11. 100 Miles by Skinbones just XDXDXDXDXDXD

  12. Yup by FlyRich Double is actually fire ( My Opinion )

  13. Soulja boy is better than blue face that’s sad

  14. Omg blue face is so trash

  15. I like how he pretends he likes these songs in here

  16. Bitch lasagna is actually good😀
    Feel like hes a T-Series supporter

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