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Top 50 Rock Songs 2018

Top 50 Rock Songs 2018
Best New Rock Songs 2018 –
New Rock Songs 2018: Best Alternative & Rock Music 2018 –
Top Rock Music 2018: Best Rock Hits Playlist (Alternative Rock, Metal, Hard Rock Songs 2018) –

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  1. WTF machine gone kellyyy????


  2. Top 50 Rock Songs 2018… In America. In Europe we don't give a sheet for that bands

  3. Wtf is up with the killers – smile like you mean it???? That's not new…. That's a decade old,, I've been listening to that, since elementary school…. And why make this during March?? There's so many great new songs since than….!

  4. I started screaming the lyrics from Your Life by Hollywood Undead and The Resistance by Skillet

  5. Are you sure this is 50 ROCK songs? if there is then rock is dead 🙁

  6. only 1 en 2 was good the others are bad

  7. Sad when a music channel cant distinguish between rock and pop

  8. This is proof rock is dead.

  9. This ain't rock my cat can play better rock then whatever da fu*k music this is ..

  10. Wtf was this list… 😂 the people that liked can't tell most of these song aren't even rock. 😄

  11. Rock music is The Cranberries,Queen,Bon Jovi,Beatles,Eagles…….
    This is pop music😒

  12. This is pop!not rock😒😒😡

  13. Zombie by bad wolves? Not The Cranberries ?

  14. bad top, where top1 song 2018 Bad Wolves Remember When?

  15. Wish Linkin Park was on this list…

  16. Bro so trou this is a liggit list but some wer pop tho

  17. Hollywood Undead is the absolute best😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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