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Tori Stafford's father "disgusted" by Terri-Lynn McClintic's request for compensation

A woman serving a life sentence for the murder of eight-year-old Tori Stafford says her move from a healing lodge back to a prison was unfair.

Lawyers for Terri-Lynn McClintic filed an application in Edmonton court April 30 asking that the move be declared unlawful.

Speaking to Global News Wednesday, Tori Stafford’s father Rodney Stafford said the decision left him feeling “disgusted.”

Lawyers for Terri-Lynn McClintic have since withdrawn the application.

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Comments (14)

  1. Just remember come October Trudeau called everyone ambulance chasers that showed anger that she was moved to a healing lodge.

  2. Wow Global News allowed this man to speak?
    I'm shocked after all the corruption, lies and secrets they are hiding from Canadians.
    Global News doesn't care about Canada, only the money they can steal from hard working Canadians.
    This man should not being going through this insanity and as it stands, only the PPC will make sure that Canadians have better security and live with free speech and more money in their pockets.
    CONSERVATIVES are not who you think they are.
    If you really think that you are getting the FULL TRUTH from them you are seriously WRONG.
    Educate yourself before you make a big mistake.
    They are involved in some hideous policies, and laws that they aren't telling you they are FOR.
    Do your homework like I have and you will be shocked to find out, YOU ARE BEING OUTRIGHT LIED TO…

  3. This sounds like mental anguish and abuse… I think Mr Stafford should sue our GOV for what he is going through and get compensation for all this suffering. I Pray for him and his family that our Lord gives him strength through all of this. God bless you and yours Mr Rodney Stafford.

  4. This government coupled with our weak, disgusting justice system is absolutely abhorrent and needs to be completely taken apart and brought down to ZERO, then a new beginning.
    This guy remains calm I don’t even know how. God bless this man and his family.

  5. I completely empathize with his situation, but we have to understand regardless justice has been served. This person was found guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt and has lost their liberty for 25 years. The government should not have intervened in justice. Indigenous peoples have been incarcerated, beaten, killed in genocide, still currently impacted by eugenics, etc. The supreme court recognized their right to a separate court, ones that will follow. This healing lodge is an important piece of their justice system. To disregard or deny that is racism. If the person serves time and is rehabilitated, unlike most. That is a positive

  6. Liberal government destroying this once beautiful country Canada

  7. Make the laws tougher and the killings of the innocent will come down. Rape and murder of a child should be 'immediately' responded to with a death sentence. This poor man and his family are suffering unbearably because of our weak court system and laws and their liberal policies. Time for change. Time to fire liberal judges and oust any liberal lawmakers as they are the cause of this.

  8. The sad part is you will be fighting this the rest of your life.

  9. Bring back the death sentence. You killed some one you loss yours plain and simple.

  10. The entire justice system owes a debt of gratitude to this plainspoken hero. Thank God for you dear Rodney Stafford!💓💓💓💓💓😠😠😠😠💓💓💓💓💓

  11. What a joke again , how many times do they have to put this guy and his family through this kinda crap , our governments love to coddle people like her when they should have put her in the main population of the prison for her full sentence and let the chip fall where they may

  12. If I was doing time with one or both of these monsters I'd make them pay for what they did to Tori

  13. It's now become the Monster is the victim that's Canada.I love my country but were weak af on criminals and weak on the violent ones big time

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