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TRENDS THAT NEED TO DIE IN 2019!! immediately!

HEY GUYS!! TODAY, I am talking about all of the trends that need to die in 2019! These trends need to stay in 2018 and never see the light of day! Enjoy!

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  1. I could have sworn that was Jay-Z in the thumbnail

  2. Subbed ! Great video, 2019 is new slate 🙌🏻

  3. Love the video but that coat need to die immediately

  4. I don’t know what y’all are saying he doesn’t really look that much like jay z lmao

  5. 1:39 actually tik tok is barely like that anymore its just a big meme.


  7. I love your attitude! im subscribing

  8. I have Tik Tok but I don’t do any of that stuff😂 it’s so cringy😂🤪

  9. How do you not have more followers wtf….. You're amazing!!! I subscribed. <3

  10. i’ve literally don’t even know who emma chamberlain is, never seen any of her vids. not my side of youtube 😂

  11. Is it bad that I've only watched one video of Emma Chamberlain and didn't know who she was until like 3 months ago?

  12. You need to die tiktok is better than your views

  13. 2:18 you should of never been a thing lol

  14. bro I love your personality! let's be youtube friends? :

  15. I was thinking the entire time about who you remind me of… then I read the comment and I realised…. JAY Z

  16. I was so confused why Jay Z was on my recommend.

  17. Dude this is Jay Z unclaimed son, wow, nice channel

  18. I thought you were jay z in the thumbnail💀💀I was thinking “why ain’t this dude rapping or some shit, when did he start YouTube?”😂😂😂😂😂

  19. Not going to lie watching wit out socks on 😂😂

  20. Born 2005 just in time here and irk I had musically a deleted it cause these grown men where commenting on little kids say like your cute and stuf it was so wrong

  21. Me in the beginning: is that jay z?

  22. What u said about Emma was so true

  23. I be doing the retweet and then unretweet too LMFAOOOOOO 😭😭

  24. Am I the only person who has no idea who the hell Emma Chainbaline is?????

  25. i live for the way he opens his mouth

  26. That retweet shit gets on my nerves so bad like you don't know what will happen , so take several seats

  27. And tik too is inappropriate for these little ass kidss

  28. That tik tok shit is not cute and I've never even used it 😂

  29. omg you’re so funny i’m obsessed

  30. I thought u were Jay z cuz of ur thumbnail

  31. There is a tiktoc ad😂

  32. I honestly thought u were jay z😂

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