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This week, Neil calls BS on Shania’s farewell tour and pretty much all the country acts that use this bogus gimmick to drum up extra ticket sales.

In other country music news from this past week:

* Brantley Gilbert’s new 2nd Amendment Tattoo

* Tim McGraw lands a starring television role

* Krystal Keith has a bun in the oven

* Hank Williams Jr. signs with NashICON

* Randy Houser’s new single “We Went” sucks

* New video for Earl Dibbles Jr’s CITY BOY STUCK is easily the best thing I’ve seen all year

* Mike Dungan, CEO of Universal Music Group talks about women in country, what it takes to break a new country act, the future of Bro Country and his new endeavor to introduce foreign country acts to the US.

* Ricky Skaggs and Ry Cooder on tour together

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