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Up Helly Aa: Bike-riding Vikings (360 video)- BBC News

Immerse yourself in the Viking festival of Up Helly Aa! This 360 video documents this year’s celebrations in the Shetland Isles, and the preparations behind it. You get to control the camera – so look up, down, and around. Witness first-hand the singalongs, galley burning, and bike-riding Vikings!

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  1. I could not live there.

  2. Tried to watch this video, just keeps loading other videos working just not this one…..

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  4. wszędy to samo,rodzą,ubierają i na wojnę wysyłają,ech ta kobieta

  5. I love this! Brilliant feature, conveniently short and I think 360 video are amazing. I’d love to see more of these!

  6. How can watching " BBC news" give me a feeling like being hit by brick in the back of my head.Switch to Sky and the pain goes away?The BBC is working with a scientist who is a unethical torturing brain rapist.Either the BBC channel now digital is containing sound raping weapon attacks hiding hypnotic suggestions or It was given during a telephone call Saturday night,while watching YouTube or listening to a AM broadcast.How do you prove you've been singled out to be attacked for years by sound weapons,psychological attacks?
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  7. Once we were men, now we watch the BBC.

  8. This is racist! Where are the people of colour vikings?!

  9. This isn't news, BBC.

  10. Vikings are Islamophilic cucks.

  11. The costumes that they were wearing weren't totally realistic, oh well.

    (Somewhat stylized… lol!

  12. We are on the verge of the biggest story since Watergate ! And the BBC play this !
    No background to the real story that is unfolding today !
    The same story that the BBC has ignored for Months/Years !
    This story includes Uranium 1,Fusion GPS,Christopher Steele, Peter Strzok,Lisa Page,Fake Russian Dossier, DNC/Clinton dodgy payments. The list goes on and on !
    This is no disrespect to the people in this video. To those people I apologize.
    Sorry but this is to important to get in the way of peoples feelings !
    BBC Fake News Silence will not be tolerated !

  13. When myleene klass did that jungle thing I LITERALLY had an erection for a week! For a whole week after I had problems going outdoors, the cover of The Sun is going to give me similar problems

  14. I want a video examining Myleene Klass' FINE ASS!!!!!!

  15. Thanks for uploading this video! In the past year I had to do lots of research about Up Helly Aa since I had to write an essay about it in school. It is such a special tradition and definitely one of a kind. However, since I live in Germany, I have not been able to attend an Up Helly Aa but this video does give you impression to actually be present at the festivities which is definitely better than just reading books and articles about it 😉

  16. Thought Bbc would have an Asian or black Viking. You had them in those Days according to the bbc

  17. Sad that The religion of Peace is destroying their great culture. Politicaly correct gang is destroying you.

  18. This 360 video is incredible. Love it

  19. This reminds me of the wicker man.

  20. The Protectors of Saville and Arbiters of Truth supplying the peasantry with all they need to know.

  21. I hate the NYT 360. I hate the BBC 360 as well.

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