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Versace | Spring Summer 2019 Full Fashion Show | Menswear

Versace | Spring Summer 2019 by Donatella Versace | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video – Menswear Collection – MFW/Milan Fashion Week)

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  1. At the end I’m like what’s going on how do they not run into each other they look like a club of ants randomly walking around 😂 but it looked cool

  2. Worst soundtrack"improved" well done

  3. imagine being as boring as kendall or bella. adut killed it as always but this is one of the most horrific versace shows ever, do better donatella.

  4. I m watching fashion because of the design of clothes not model

  5. ew i dont like the model at all!!! and also the stuff!!!

  6. 1st thing that came to my mind: oh my god NO!

  7. Does anybody know the name of the model in 3:25 ??

  8. 54 seconds in and I am bored 😐

  9. bu yaz tine saçma sapan parcalar moda 😂 sadece hip hop müzigi güzeldi

  10. For some reason this was painful to watch. I can’t help but think that even Gianni Versace would roll around in his grave if he ever got the disgrace to watch this. Is this before the take of Michael Kors? I hate this collection. I LOVE Versace but this ain’t it chief. Last fall collection was much better. Come back Versace please. The men’s denim pants with suit jackets and slides…. need I say more?

  11. Why do al the male models have long ass necks ?

  12. The floor is slippery..I think

  13. Sorry This was BAD


  14. Is Kendall trying too hard to walk like Kia gerber and why is she the only that has a great outfit and the other models don’t

  15. The male models look so whatever 😐

  16. the guys look fucking gay. why would black people decide to wear tight jeans?

  17. To be honest Kendall and Bella had the best outfit and the boy after her. My expetations were high but … Such a beautiful location but the show failed and the music. I would have leave just because of the music. Who is the boy after Gigi?

  18. Did not see one good looking man here at all, not even one.

  19. No offense but like 90 percent of the models can't walk

  20. 75 percent of the women walk like then men….make u think….

  21. Well… I hate those outfits
    I prefer H&M and victoria secret
    Kendall short dress were not that bad

  22. Sorry donatela u will never b like Gianni.. Never

  23. Im sorry to say but this is not Versace collection.. He had better taste to his design.. So sad that he's gone😢 its not the same

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