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Volumes – FULL SET LIVE [HD] – The New Reign Tour (Denver, CO 2/19/17)

Here is Volumes’ full set from “The New Reign Tour” in Denver, CO. Performed on February 19th, 2017. Visit for more Volumes news/info.

0:42 – The Mixture
4:18 – 91367
7:43 – Feels Good
12:22 – Left4Dead (New Song)
14:55 – Vahle
20:30 – Pistol Play
25:32 – Edge of the Earth
31:25 – Wormholes

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Comments (40)

  1. that new singer doesn't even come close to filling michael bar's shoes… i mean its kind of pathetic actually

  2. i am on a cellphone w buds jamming the fuck out to this. they were in baltimore a lot during volume.2 man. Hope they come back.

  3. The new guy can't sing for shit live. He seems to try and avoid it almost.

  4. 12:26 That was at least a 3.0 on the Richter scale

  5. Two new songs, way before the new album dropped. How long was the album waiting for release?!

  6. man myke really needs to sort his shit out in terms of being able to keep his breath support up while screaming. hes definitely got a great voice but he cant touch barr in terms of vocal endurance

  7. Myke is a fucking monster. Their shows are so full of energy and power

  8. rather listen to bury your dead.

  9. they just arent the same. FeelsBadMan

  10. anyone have the lyrics for left4dead

  11. I've been around since concept, but wow how fucking high are these morons. seriously yelling jump and here we go every 2 seconds is annoying. really hope they don't stray too far off.

  12. I hate when the one singer keeps yelling jump jump jump! but both vocalists ruins the band's overall live performance, sad to say I'm disappointed. The only musician that sounded real tight was the drummer honestly.

  13. Why does he lip sync during feels good. You can hear him when he's don't even singing into the mic

  14. I really wish bands would switch up their setlists at least a little for a new tour

  15. ive only seen them once on the Welcome the Resistance tour in Syracuse and holy shit they know how to fucking light a place up, hands down my favorite band live and they arent even my favorite band overall but goddamn do they know how to get crowds moving

  16. Nice!!!!!!fuck you haters,Volumes is so fucking Good live,thanks for the vídeo Toronto!!!😘

  17. I love volumes but there sell outs. they're new singer can't sing and barely can scream. they add a bit of singing to get the popularity but there isn't enough to warrant having a 3rd guy just for singing. sad. from what I see. the original singer and guitar player should make a better band. add a lead guitar player for sure.

  18. Oh Nice that got Aj to sing the Cleans for Edge of the earth! wooo

  19. Myke's energy is amazing. That dude knows how to rock the fuck out

  20. Left for Dead goes off

  21. so did anyone jump off the balcony at all?

  22. Why do they dress like painters?

  23. is the guy singing in edge of the earth, the vocalist for fire from the gods

  24. They sound terrible… and all the talking in the songs pisses me off

  25. shoutout to the security guard getting really into it at the beginning of vahle

  26. Still not better than Hance Alligood's voice lol but good though!

  27. Damn, they didn't play On Her Mind :/ all in all thanks for this masterpiece!!

  28. Via material is still heavier then left for dead. It was a very boring and slow song

  29. 27:12 The Fire From the Gods guy's got pipes

  30. Anyone who wasn't a fan of Feels Good or On Her Mind should really hear Left4Dead, does it ever hit hard, didn't think we'd get anything heavy like that on this album.

  31. amazing! thanks for the video 🙂

  32. That new song goes hard

  33. Aye that new one they played has Myke screaming a lot

  34. the new song (left for dead ) was wack.

  35. amazing. why u in colorado tho? fuck the broncos

  36. 0:42 – The Mixture
    4:18 – 91367
    7:43 – Feels Good
    12:22 – Left4Dead (New Song)
    14:55 – Vahle
    20:30 – Pistol Play
    25:32 – Edge of the Earth
    31:25 – Wormholes

  37. I wish I was first but I mean I was lmfao

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