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WATCH: Oak Ridge Boys sing 'Amazing Grace' at George H.W. Bush Houston funeral

Oak Ridge Boys, the country and gospel vocal quartet, sang “Amazing Grace” at the 41st president’s funeral Thursday at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston, Texas. They were old friends of George H.W. Bush.

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Comments (40)

  1. It is wonderful to hear four voices filling a church, the might Oaks keeping in touch with their roots. Great job guys.

  2. True honor for all, Blessed! Amen

  3. Shows this world's blind idea of a Christian.. They sing a song to Elvira a witch that obviously follows Satan… And then sing amazing grace! More like confused boys… Can't have two masters believe me you are not pleasing God by following his enemy and then play church

  4. It was a very touching service, but sadly it won’t get him into Heaven. He was so entrenched in his evil lifestyle, I hope he found Jesus Christ as his personal savior

  5. when I watched them song this on television. in my house you could here a needle hit the floor. I had the volume turned up and all you could hear was the oak ridge Boys. and I've never had chill bumps as much in my life. WOW what a performance!!!!! Rip our president

  6. Gaithersburg with David Phelps would have done better job!

  7. I met these guys when they were nothing more than a garage band – four of the nicest guys that you'd ever want to meet. Such talented guys!

  8. I love the oak ridge boys their song was very touching.

  9. I never knew that Gandalf was a member of the Oak Ridge Boys.

  10. Singing Amazing Grace at the funeral of a mass murderer, how odd

  11. at least utube took Rita's chopped up video of her song off line singing at Bush's funeral.

  12. When I was a kid they played at the state fair in my hometown, Minot, North Dakota. I can still hear them, "Giddy up a um bappa um bappa mow mow."

  13. It is the first time I have ever seen a lovely scence . Welcome back Oak Ridge Boys

  14. Rest In Peace Mr. President.  He made tough decisions as President. Country over party. He did what was best for the country and that it would probably lose the white house. I don't think that kind of courage exists any more. God Speed.

  15. What an honor 💘 great tribute he was a great man

  16. I am Sorry If He Did Not Except Jesus As His Personal Savior Before His Last Breath, That,s It WDA. Does Anyone Know If He Did? If You Dislike What I Said Read Your Bible. The Truth Hurts Some Times.

  17. How could they sing a beautiful song Amazing Grace if anybody ever really know anything about that song and who wrote it but beautiful story the man who rode a couple hundred years ago I guess beautiful story and that beautiful song what's the song at one of the most evil demons besides his father-in-law of course Aleister Crowley I make it sing a beautiful song like that at a pure evil demon funeral

  18. George Bush sr. was a big Country Music fan!

  19. Wow, they did an amazing rendition. The song was very appropriate.

  20. Great Job on the Video! Keep up the great work!

  21. Looks like a Masonic send off to me complete with the MK ultra performing 🐒 I

  22. Oh Please 7 days to bury a President that was only one term .. such decadence all unnecessary .. wonder how much this cost the tax payers ? then a plexiglass train door to show the casket for a 70 mile ride?? OMG .. what did he do for the United States? oh he had a deal with China .. Look it up

  23. Both the Oak Ridge Boys and Reba McEntire did a Fantastic Job performing even the Oak Ridge Boys n Reba McEntire were in Tears I could tell in their Voice that they got Choked Up Bravo Oak Ridge Boys n Reba 👏🏼👏🏼


  25. Easily one of the worst renditions of this song I’ve ever heard. But if they liked it, that’s what matters.

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