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We Are Harlot Win Best New Band Award | Classic Rock Magazine

We Are Harlot’s acceptance speech for winning the prestiges 2015 Classic Rock Magazine Awards – Roll of Honour for Best New Band

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  1. Win it in, maaaaaaaaan !

  2. Danny looked so bushy at this time xd

  3. this band is more suited to his voice…(that's amazing)
    I just hope you have succeed as A.A or more because you deserve

  4. Congratz! You really deserve it! I love your music and i hope i will seen you soon on a concert or festival in austria or germany! I love you so much and keep up with your work! You are Great :3 – Elisabeth

  5. You guys deserve it! We Are Harlot, true fuckin Rock N Roll!

  6. ¡Congratulations!!!; We Are Harlot.

  7. where the new music guys! you guys rock!

  8. fuck yes We Are Harlot deserves it <3 love you guys

  9. Danny Worsnop miss you , your fans miss you. <3

  10. Danny! >u<♥
    Felicidades ñ.ñ

  11. Why you left Asking Alixandria ?

  12. Even though he's an asshole he deserved the award cuz he has talent. Congratulations to all the band!!!

  13. Congrats guys!! You gonna go really far

  14. fuck yeah man! rock on guys!

  15. congrats guys u deserve it you guys fucking rock!

  16. в дерьмо скатился

  17. Congratulation Guys! I Love you Danny!…👌❤

  18. cuavan a poder hacer un concierto en latinoamerica

  19. oo se lo merecen
    gracor traernos musica y cuando van a dar concierto en latinoamerica

  20. Oh, i'm so proud :'3 <3 go Danny GO! /^<^/

  21. segundo comentario en español, danny eres hermoso💞

  22. Dannyyyyyy 🌸🌸🌸🌸💕💕💕💕💕

  23. Congratulation Guys 🙂 I hope some new Songs come soon… + You need to tour in Europe next year.. You all are awesome guys ^.^

  24. Primer comentario en español

  25. Congratulations I love his musical works remain so

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