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What’s Going On With Apple | Untangled

Apple announced a multi-billion dollar loss in projected revenue and their stock plunged. Some analysts think iPhone demand has slowed, especially for the iPhone XR and iPhone XS. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook blamed slowing sales in China and the battery replacement program. Apple also announced that they would no longer report the iPhone sales numbers. What’s going on with Apple’s iPhone?


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What’s Going On With Apple | Untangled

Comments (27)

  1. you must be stupid to buy a non innovative technology for high price.

  2. Seems like Apple began believing it's own hype. So many bad decisions. Give the people what they want, starting with a SE 2, and stop being elitist twats.

  3. Lel did anyone else get an apple ad when the vid started?

  4. MacBooks are great though

  5. I can get more good product then Apple companies products in good budget price.

  6. Hope they fail. The price of the phones is outrageous! My camera broke just weeks after the 1 year warranty ended. They wanted to charge me $350 for a camera fix. I’m not buying another iPhone. The innovation has STOPPED. I’m getting a Motorola!

  7. people still think Samsung is the king of android but imo it's GOOGLE

  8. As a apple fanboy is hate seeing this company going downhill. I wish Steve Jobs still was alive. R.I.P Steve Jobs❤️

  9. Jajaja, Aple just got money from washing the brain of poor people telling them if they buy 1300 dollars phone they will belong to the middle classes jajaajaja, and it was working for almost 10 years selling the same crap but difference sizes Jajajaajaa. One word lock of innovation!!! Tim Cook need to resign, if they want Apple back to market

  10. Guys imagine if this year’s iPhone sold better than the iPhone 6 and became the best selling phones of all time, wouldn’t that be amazing!!!

  11. Samsung priced note 9 at $1000; why they followed Apple pricing and nobody complains about it

  12. The only reason I have an iphone is because android is trash

  13. The iphone x was okay but xs literally looks the same as x and the only different is that they had a New color that was gold and like also companies like Huawei are selling really similar pones like the iPhone x and xs also they have other colores that looks better and like this upsets me alot because i was going yo buy the iPhone xs but then when it came out it was practicly the same a iPhone x and also People looking from far away can think that the Huawei is an iPhone x or xs and like so whats the point of having that "luxury" phone(product)

  14. Stop buying apple products from there website let them go bankrupt until they hear what the public want

  15. this is happen when steve is gone..but seriously,that man in the vdeo was rite..i agree with his last word

  16. Apple's gilded age came and went with the Ipod. More expensive doesn't mean better quality so as a consumer you look at these mega-brands trying to sell the same crap in a new package and think "why would I pay $1000 for a phone that costs under $150 in material to a company that takes advantage of "cheap" labor a.k.a. poverty wages.

  17. They just need to come out with a phone every two years even android because I have the s9+ and it perfectly fine.

  18. why is nobody talkin about Cook saying about censoring the platform, which drove me and at least 4 other people I know away Apple ecosystem basically instantly? And well – headphone jack. Emertging markets just grew up from decades of propaganda, they smell bullshit from a mile away. Jack isn't going anywhere any soon, regardless courage of the company that bought BT headphones manufacturer

  19. Watch about Apple, get ads from Honor View 20

  20. I love apple so much but the true reason their phone sales have been dropping is because of the price. If you want someone to purchase your product you need to have a reasonable price not over 1 thousand dollars because many people can’t afford that and they will choose the phone that is older and does the same basic things like they said. Oh and also the XR is just apples attempt at an iPhone 5c and basically. Put bad and outdated parts in a phone and try to make it sound like its revolutionary. Btw by bad and outdated parts I mean the display because they don’t mention how the display is a lower quality than iPhone 8 and 7 because it’s resolution is only 720p. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk and have a nice day. ☺️

  21. Apple needs an Indian CEO .
    PS Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai

  22. also budget phones are getting better you can get a basic clone of the x from moto or like lg and they are stepping up

  23. What is this apple you speak of? Can you make a pie with it?

  24. iPhones are the best in terms of Performance / Gaming / Optimization and quality of apps + exclusive apps all together

    but wait, Why should I buy a 1000$ phone when I can get the great Samsung / Pixel / Nokia / Huawei / OnePlus for much much less, That's how it going right now, cheap phones becomes better in all around parts, no need for spending 1500$ on 6.5" display, when I can get it for 500-600$

    Apple needs to lower its price segment + becoming more quick in catching technology trends.

  25. My grandpa bought the new iPad Pro, and returned it within a week. He could stand a lack of a home button, but was extremely annoyed when he found out it didn’t have a headphone jack. Apple’s quality is good, but some features are plain stupid. We need our old phones back!

  26. no buyers for the $1200 iPhone X

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