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When Judges SPLIT GROUPS On X Factor UK! | X Factor Global

Well THIS is awkward… there is plenty of drama when X Factor judges decide that one group member shines more than the others! Will they abandon their bandmates?
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Comments (22)

  1. I got so sad at the first one they are ending someonce carrier instead of letting them get better at everyone is gonna have exaktly that much space as the others😭😭😭 i litterly almost cried when they said they are only two now!!😰😰

  2. 07:23 that is beautiful human being. inside and outside. unselfish. pure heart. god bless you

  3. I was so confused on who was the daughter and who was the mom cuz that mom acted like a CHILD!

  4. It’s funny seeing simon have his own little lonely table

  5. 13:44 This girl look like BILLIE EILISH

  6. The mom should be like of course I support you go on!

  7. The first guy looked like me in front of the class for a presentation

  8. When twisted wasap sepuraded I felt like the girls were not actually hermano freinds bc at the end she walked alone

  9. On the first one the one guy should write the songs cause he seems like the one who really wanted to make the audience see him as a star if you know what I mean

  10. I’m probably going to watch this whole entire video.

  11. The first one was actually kinda positive and I loved it!

  12. As a mom of a daughter! I’d give up everything for her. That mom should be ashamed of herself. As her mom you’ll always be there along side her during her journey. Mom let her go! For her.

  13. The 1st One I literally almost cried you could just see his dreams being broken just by his look😭

  14. The first one I understand him that he shouldn't be in the group. But the judges should of said it nicer way they were so mean to him

  15. I realize Charlie was 14 and the other guy was 22 when they met and became friends. That seems kinda weird to me.

  16. the girl in the beret and the daughter were so pretty oml

  17. He says their his friends but he wants 33% instead of just being happy for them

  18. Poor guy at the beginning, im so sad for him 😭

  19. 37:34 she looks like billie eilish with dark hair

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