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Whitewashing: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

With the academy awards coming up, Last Week Tonight asks: Hollywood whitewashing…how is this still a thing?

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Comments (42)

  1. Can't have white supremacy without subliminal programming. How else can tens of thousands of people be upset about a black girl portraying a black girl in a movie about a character that's a black girl in the book?

  2. Every POC has been saying this for so long DO YOU SEE HOW RIDICULOUS?

  3. There is no such thing as a "white samurai" or a "nigger samurai", it is plain ridiculous that Hollywood could come up with something as stupid as little white boy Tom Cruise (Scientology) become a samurai.

  4. You ruined it with last Samurai. Clearly you haven't watched the movie, because he's not supposed to be Japanese. Also, he was based on a historical character who was, in fact, Caucasian.

  5. I don´t know if it´s just me, but i get just a white screen around 2:34 for a second or two. I see Avatar: The last Airbender but after that, nothing.

  6. Tom cruise as samurai 😂

  7. Even though I'm not black, when I saw black panther I somehow felt represented…it did well in overseas markets people who say non white stars arent bankable.. please stop

  8. idreas elba, will smith (its rewind time) I could go on and on with black actors that are never white washed

  9. The only movie roles people said were white washed that I could see actually being accurate are some specific white people roles in Egypt set movies, considering the actual history of the Egyptian and Roman rulers and their family tree (Alexander the great anyone?) etc., as well as Scarlett Johansson being the SHELL of Mokoto Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell, where the actual woman (ghost of her previous human form) inside the shell and her mother were played by Asian actors, as they should have, but like the case of Rue in The Hunger Games, people didn't read the actual written work or watch the old animations, because if they did they would've known that the Shell wasn't supposed to look like an Asian woman. That being said, every adaptation to date has made their own twists and turns on the entire thing. Masamune Shirow, the original creator, even said she was perfect for the role, and people missed the mark, because the entire theme was about identity and what it really is, how much would be left if you destroyed and replaced almost every part of a person but the brain, what does it mean being human or a cyborg, could an AI be human etc. Therefore it was a part of the actual story, and not a poor casting choice (all though the could've chosen someone more punk and rough).
    Don't get me wrong, this problem exists, but some times people fail to differ between white washing and interesting results of history or ethnically/racially ambiguous characters.

  10. The Prince of Persia dude looked Iranian enough to me.

  11. Y'all do know know Ancient Egypt was populated by Mediterraneans, right? And that Mediterraneans are considered caucasian? Yeah, they should have gotten Mediterranean actors, but it's still not whitewashing if you're going to consider Greeks and Italians white, too.

  12. Anyone else here rewatching because of Emma Stone's "I'M SORRY" at the golden globes?

  13. Gods of Egypt! Starring a Scot as Set, a Dane as Horus, and an Australian as Ra! … Hold on, what?

  14. Although I understand the FREQUENCY of casting white people, but what about the term blind casting? Blind casting we can assign actors, regardless of who they are, to play a role that would otherwise be traditionally this race or that.

    But I understand that the bias of these things, because who would better play historic or even biblical roles than the people of said ethnicity, right? But I have problem with this because that can fall under stereotyping, because not everyone of said ethnicity would have a FULL grasp, understanding, or even PORTRAYAL of either their ancestors, especially if they've lived centuries from such historic occurrences that we can only interpret through modern interpretations vs old–this among many other layers of difficulty that make it hard to draw a line of how actors may or may not have misrepresented their said character.

    But all in all, again we should look blindly when we cast people and ask them of their craft and skills, rather than their looks. Because for my opinion, if they know the language, that's a plus. If they know the general history, that's a plus. If they know the specific history, even better. And, if it comes down to it, if it not be a white person but an actual race of the character, well it can be a plus too. But that latter again, may fall under some fairness rule of having enough actors other than white to fulfill the roles, which can be a clear sign of opportunity being given to actors. But that would be the industry's actual push and regulation, which other opponents would feel that you are just fulfilling billets regardless of skill or craft.

    But again, it is hard to find a balance on this issue being race is always bias anyways. I prefer to find it an exchange of culture rather than just an acting billet. But if any exchange were to be fulfilled, perhaps we should look into other forms of entertainment, like operas or plays, who I find more diverse in the arts than what movies may be lacking in.

  15. Wait , tom cruise was an American cavalry man in the last samurai , and he seems american to me .

  16. Seriously!? You had to find and show an old Iranian farmer with a life long sun burn to prove your point about the prince of Persia!?

  17. …says the program that uses white people in 90% of it's actor selection/photo stills

  18. Some of the greatest classic movies are full whitewashed and racist in casting, direction, production and writing and yet they are still considered the greatest movies. its a vicious cycle. producers think movies won't sell so they stick to the " norm" whereby stereotyping the entire industry into sticking with the "norm" Black panther proves that the whole premise of the "norm" is bullshit. its is more than possible that making an authentic movie is money making, and eliminates the visual stereotyping. The industry has been full of shit for far too long. I'd suggest movies who blatantly white wash be fully boycotted. that will hit the industry where it counts and perhaps, hopefully, change their approach to what is needed.

  19. I like Emma Stone in Aloha or any other movie she's in, but now that you mentioned it, maybe Olivia Munn would be perfect for that role.

  20. tom cruise was never the last samurai ken wantanabe was just like daniel day-lewis wasnt the last of the mohicans russell means was

  21. A really minor point, but there's a very brief clip Yul Brynner in the King and I. Brynner was not white – he was half indiginous siberean

  22. the ethnicity of the white actors referenced clearly contradicts the racial-historical context of the films in which they acted.

    the ethnicity of james bond has nothing to do with the context of the film, rather it has everything to with the propagation of eurocentrism through media casting: any actor can play any role in a film that has little to no racial-historical context, within reason of course. take superman for example: superman, according to forbes science, logically should be black, not white, as blacks have the greatest compatibility with the sun due to having a naturally high concentration of eumelanin, whereas whites generally burn under the sun due to having the lowest concentration of eumelanin. what is the source of superman's power? the sun. shit like that is disregarded due to the deep-rooted inferiority complex of the caucasian. they paint white everything, everything.

    lift the veil of prejudice to see the blatant perversion of history perpetuated by whites for many years.

  23. caucasians propagate eurocentrism throughout the media, perverting (whitewashing) history and mythology so as to idealize the "white" image, and diminish the "black" image. they steal history, sciences, and technology of ancient civilizations under the guise of 'new' discovery, all to fit their racist agenda, that is the institution of white (false) supremacy.

    their end is near: lift the veil of irrational prejudice to see the perpetual corruption of the caucasian, and to see the beauty of genetic supremacy.

  24. I agree with most, but as one guy pointed out here: people from Latin America can also be of pure European ancestry. It doesn't even have to be Spanish. So I think Latin American characters at least could be played by white people, maybe if they don't look to waspy 😉 At the beginning of the video they showed Al Pacino as Scarface, a Cuban character. But many Cubans are of Spanish European origin and Pacino of Italian. Italians and Spanish are quite close, so I think this could be played by an Italian-American. Steve Bauer, the 'real' Cuban in that movie is also white-looking. And when you think about it, Andy Garcia, a white Cuban-American also played an Italian character in The Godfather 3. What do you call this then? But he looks Italian to be honest. And not to forget Edgar Ramirez and Ricky Martin also played Italians in The Assasination of Gianni Versace.

  25. this is when you feel inferior, and grabbing attention,😁😅😌

  26. In a thosand years micheal jackson will be white!!!

  27. There is only one thing you got wrong – those Ancient Egypt movies are no fucking whitewashing as Ancient Egyptians were ethnically white which is a historic fact. But besides that, I fucking agree

  28. There are only few dignifying races ……. Would you depict Abraham Lincoln as a black man they are still living in huts ….. also instead of always telling the truth he would have made mix tapes and promptly left when his gf was pregnant

  29. I will never get over John Wayne as Ghengis Khan.

  30. The prince of Persia: the hero is Persian, cast a white guy

    300 the villains are Persians, cast a black guy

    This is madness

  31. Hollowood is puking out trash lately anyway. Just ignore it, don’t spend a single dime or download on these white washed propaganda bullshyte. Support the international productions out there and get a tast of original culture 🙂

  32. Why do we have people saying white washing is an issue while arguing that a black James Bond would be fine? Works both ways too. People have to pick whether they care about the ethnicity of the actors or not and stick with their view on this. If not, they're hypocrites.

  33. Let’s not forget Scarlet Jo playing a Japanese person 😂

  34. When Asians can't even play Asians.

  35. Maybe a black bond still isn’t the best idea

  36. What about David Carradine playing Cain in Kung Fu !Which should have been Bruce Lee

  37. It's called acting. You don't have a problem with humans playing aliens but have a problem with a white guy being Persian? Catch a grip you morons. Same people that defend black people playing roles for white people like Hermione Granger. Double standards. fuck you

  38. John, Yeti is from folklore in Nepal, it feels ironic especially in this context, to see the guy fighting Yeti nowhere looks close to any Nepali 😀

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