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Whitney Houston Reminisces About 80’s Music on MTV (2001) | #TBMTV

In this 2001 interview with MTV News, Whitney Houston reminisces about music and artists on MTV in the ‘80s.

0:10 The elements of a great pop song
1:30 Whitney’s thoughts on Michael Jackson
2:50 George Michael
5:03 Singer’s not getting recognition
6:23 Milli Vanilli scandal
7:09 MTV moving away from pop music
7:59 Whitney’s music touching people
9:38 The importance of music videos & image
10:30 Whitney’s most embarrassing music video
11:34 Sexuality

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Comments (46)

  1. She was sick of this interview and she should be because it was below her. She just wanted to be out of there. I miss Whitney.

  2. George Michael yeah baby!!! George and Whitney ✌🏼💕

  3. She was high as fuck like in every interview from 98 on. I guess it was cocaine, she wasn't able to stay quite. Before the drugs she was very quiet. And what a bunch of banalities, recording artists think they're philosophers just because crowds adore me. I agree with her opinions about the body shaming of Martha Wash and about sexual television contents though.

  4. I'm just here to leave a positive comment

  5. "I love it when they have NO CHOICE, I love it"😁😁😁

  6. How can you not love her ❤️

  7. She looks absolutely beautiful here. She had a perfect face!

  8. She looked great in the How Will I Know Video… opinion!

  9. Those wigs tho… love you Whitney They, but those wigs were not fly.

  10. She was so honest and genuine

  11. MTV had no problem playing Mariah Carey's videos even though she sang R&B.

  12. She was beautiful in this interview. Especially since 2001 was the year that she was too skinny and looked seriously ill. If Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown did not marry eachother I don´t think that Whitney would put Bobby in the same league as Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson. Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson was three huge artists that to this day still influences many upcoming artists. I don´t think that Bobby Brown on his own was as huge a superstar as Whitney, Madonna, Michael Jackson and Prince were.

  13. Whitney would be ashamed of female artists today. She died at the peak of the madness
    Nicki lol

  14. This isn't Whitney! This lady looks totally different from the real Whitney

  15. How this beautiful intelligent and gifted woman felt in the trap of this scam Bobbi and destroyed herself…rip Whitney

  16. 11:3412:27 Did that just happen? (Im sure you can see the irony here)

  17. She seems like she's on coke. Her mannerisms between waiting to respond…she's swallowing the drip. She's kinda shaky too.

  18. I love this, and how blunt she is over B.S. that went on that shouldn't have.

  19. "I love it when they have no choice." Gotta love Whitney, so eloquent, and she really speaks her mind.

  20. whoa …lol she was giving it to MTV

  21. Whitney didn't give any fucks in this interview. LMAO


  23. She's higher than bat pussy….😂

  24. She hated during interviews lol. She always kept it so real. It sucks that bc don’t really know that’s she’s normally jittery, and outspoken, an they mistake her for being high

  25. Wow! If I wasn’t looking at the video I would think this was 2009-12 Whitney talking!

  26. thanks for being there when i grew up in my younger
    years of the 80 s you are force of love and warmth and a real genuine person

  27. Forgot how ridiculously beautiful she was.

  28. took a quarter pound of makeup to make her look like that

  29. She was so beautiful and energetic in this video. its too bad, she couldn't defeat her demons. Miss u Whitney.

  30. she seems a little jittery and agitated…

  31. She sounds stupid, trying to include herself as one of the black break-through artists on MTV. The colour barrier (as it was – getting into heavy rotation), came down in 1983. MJ being the first with Billie Jean & Beat It. Prince Red Corvette, Eddy Grant Electric Avenue, Donna Summer She Works Hard for the Money, Herbie Hancock Rock It, Lionel Richie All Night Long, Donna Summer Unconditional Love. Houston first video to make MTV rotation was How Will I Know – place in heavy rotation in mid January 1986. She was way behind being a break through artist… not to mention Bobby Brown …LOL

  32. So very sad what drugs do to peoples lives….Such a beautiful and talented soul gone because of it!

  33. It really pisses me off when people always say MJ was the first black artist to be on MTV. There was black artist on MTV before MJ was and Prince, Tina Turner, Donna Summers are a few names before MJ made his appearance on MTV. But man… I do miss the golden age of MTV which was the 80s tho. The 80s was a fantastic decade.

  34. Aw, how can she regret her music video for her classic dance hit, "How Will I Know"? That's my FAVORITE music video from her debut album.

  35. She was looking SO beautiful with this bob

  36. Madonna , Prince , Michael Jackson yes then she says Bobby Brown ! Really !

  37. G.ddamn she was gorgeous…

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