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Whitney Houston’s brother, sister-in-law on shocking revelations in new documentary

“Whitney” takes a look at the music icon’s tumultuous life, including her drug addiction, with never-before-seen home movies and revelations from her inner circle.

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  1. Now we all know Whitney Houston count down time was 10, giving on the Barbara Walters interview they gave with Whitney. They gave her 10 10 years to get it together.
    Retiring was not an option because she owed the industry too much money. From Advance Cash sales for albums, not being produced.

  2. Tell the Truth about Pat too, if her husband Use, She Do Too!
    Pat Huston is Not obsolete from using drugs either, especially since she was so close to Whitney too. Y'all know Whitney and Pat husband Gary, and her other brother offered Pat a line or two too from time to time and she took it.
    This is where Pat Huston Jealousy and Envy came in at with Whitney, and she help destroy Whitney career too. She had her hands all in it toooo!
    Now with Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina gone they're struggling to maintain their lifestyle that they had while living off of Whitney Houston.
    The Mother included. 😈
    You are your environment.
    This is how Bobby Kristina got hook. So did Pat too.

  3. Fuck pat&gary!!!.🤬👊🏽👊🏽

  4. Poor Whitney!!! As you can see her wicked sister-in-law said nothing about missing Whitney!!!!! That woman is sooo annoying!

  5. I wish Gary and Pat would just shut up , let her be at peace at least NOW !

  6. This is absolutely sad wow things are happening in the industry

  7. ABC is bought and paid for and that's why they have to dig up dirt on Whitney.
    It's in poor taste to speak ill of the dead and everyone cashing on on this have no morals or class.
    I do think she was murdered because someone that drowns in the bath is not faced down and have bruises on the body. People need to let her RIP

  8. Pat is a snake and the rest of them are POS leeches. They killed her. Gary is still doing heroin.

  9. you knew she was in deep trouble but did absolutely nothing…. ughhh this lady is horrible

  10. i do not do not like Pat at all…… this lady just gives me the creeps

  11. It’s so important to tell Whitney’s abuse cause it explains why she was so heavily addicted to drugs! Anyone who can’t see that is a child abuser apologist and makes me sick.

  12. This chic still making money off of Whitney. She is a snake

  13. Lord save me from my demons

  14. She wanted to be with her mommy awww

  15. She look like her daddy awww Liddo Bobbi kris love y’all

  16. I know she wanted to protect her daughter, but the "Road" is never a place for children. Those are the times and places when most things happen. Also, ironically she ended up leaving Bobbi with Any and everybody in her most important teenage years…

  17. The whole doc is on rite now.
    Not sure if it got took down

    Whitney 2018

  18. Pat look so emotional and she got high with Whitney

  19. I wouldn't trust that Pat as far as I could throw her, why did Whitney make Pat the executor to her will? Very strange choice in my opinion it doesn't make sense.

  20. By watching this you can see two ppl who themselves are addicts, liars, who hated Whitney & was very jealous of her who also takes joy in exploiting her for profit. They did not care about her an if Im wrong then they would not have been trying to make money off of her since she died…

  21. Very similar to Michael Jackson

  22. I really want to see this documentary; I hope it gets released on video or platforms like Netflix or hulu.

  23. This is old news nothing new. Many people have been molested or abused that never turned to substance abuse.

  24. She was the bread winner of all those losers.

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