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Whitney Houston’s Sister-In-Law Opens Up About Music Icon’s Private Struggles | TODAY

A new documentary, “Whitney,” explores the meteoric rise of the late music superstar Whitney Houston, as well as her tragic downward spiral. Ahead of the film’s release on July 6, TODAY’s Sheinelle Jones sat down with Pat Houston, Whitney’s sister-in-law, to discuss the family secrets that are laid bare on camera.
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Whitney Houston’s Sister-In-Law Opens Up About Music Icon’s Private Struggles | TODAY

Comments (27)

  1. "She served her purpose"???? I really can't deal with Pat GARLAND anymore!

  2. U know the truth Pat u gold digger!!!!!

  3. It’s to bad that the American People. Are blaming Pat for Whitneys death. Due to drugs, I’m thinking Whitney was not going to be told how to run her personal life. Pat you are right , you make your own choices in life. I’m sure you had intimate conversations with Whitney about the choices she was making and tried your best to help her. So to the people out there, Pat , you were so blessed to be close to Whitney and loved her . that’s all that matters. Bless you , Cissy, Pat , Gary, Michael , Bobby Brown , and your extended family members. RIP Whitney and Bobby Kris….

  4. So many people are talking, since Whitney Houston is death! Bobby Brown says this, her sister in low say this, bla bla bla!!!! Which Person can say, that he know Whitney Houston really??? The person and the World-Star???? Whitney Houston is in another Home now, and here in earth she is this, what eyerybody Loved on her: The First Lady of Music, Pop, Soul, Gospel, and this she was it in the past, she is it now and tomorrow!!!! For the next years!!!! Forever!!!!

  5. Bobby is Bobby-you guys didn't have a problem throwing him under the bus

  6. Lord Jesus Christ PLEASE let Whitney Houston finally rest in peace and get them HOUSTON'S VAULCHER OFF OF WHITNEY. Lord, Whitney did her job and work here on Earth. Now can you our Heavenly Father let her rest in peace now. I ask you LORD in JESUS NAME. AMEN. WRITTEN By SANDRA LEE FLOYD of PORTSMOUTH,VA 23701

  7. At least the Today show asked some of the hard questions and I don't think Pat was ready for that.

  8. I bet they had Whitney thinking they want you to be perfect-that isn't true. But I doubt the fans thought she was a crack head. I was shocked at her demise.

  9. She asks why people judge her? She portrayed a clean girl-that was a disappointment for some fans. And everyone was NOT trying drugs back then.

  10. People didn't want her to be perfect-maybe that is what she thought. I think the person that gave her cocaine at 16 should go to jail.

  11. This Pat person has my “Danger Danger Snake in the Grass” alert radar going of the charts; this woman is a snake!!!

  12. Drugs at 16? Welcome to the bricks. People think Whitney was this prissy lil princess. Whitney was straight Hood but also had class and beauty. I love Whitney so sad

  13. Look up military targeted weapons on citizens.

  14. When Pat says Whitney served her purpose, she sounds like Whitney’s handller.

  15. It looks like ratings for Today Show and GMA is way down, it used to be 5 million, now it's 3.60 million. Sick of them tearing down dead stars who can't refute if it's true or not. Not fair, can't watch anymore!

  16. Pat Garland is fake.She never care about Whitney and Bobbi Kristina either .The only things she care about is herself and the money as a greedy money hungry person .

  17. I really hate this woman and Whitney's brother as well

  18. I see GOLD DIGGING DEVIL written all on her face.

  19. she sounds jealous and like she has a problem with Whitney Houston girl let's this sweet soul rest in peace she just want to be relevant you are not the star Whitney was not even drugs could keep her from he God's calling he wanted her in the place she was what God has for you no man or woman can take away rest in peace Whitney no matter what your demons where we still loved you and still do you can't tarnish what was brought to the light many years ago so why bring it up again

  20. why just why nobody asked her for this why she should have just left this alone some things should be kept private Whitney was a beautiful person and all have our demons but this chick takes the cake n it's gone be some demons on this woman back for the rest of her lift because she made this so called documentary of Whitney life


  22. Pat was exploiting Whitney when Whitney was alive, and nothing has changed after Whitney's passing, at least not for the better.

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