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Why China is building islands in the South China Sea

China claims they aren’t military bases, but their actions say otherwise.

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China is building islands in the South China sea and its causing disputes among the other nations in the region; Malaysia, the Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, and Indonesia. The US has many allies in the region and uses its massive Navy to patrol international waters, keeping shipping lanes open for trade

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Comments (44)

  1. Japan, Vietnam, Philippine did this before. Now China learns from them and got scolded.

  2. No No No, it's just Chinese magic of fooling satellites.

  3. 吓死我了 赶紧填个岛压压惊

  4. American Hate China . China dont hate American

  5. Its not even South China sea its now west Philippine sea

  6. "reclaim the South China sea" there you go.

  7. Waste of money because water level is growing everyday

  8. If anyone has a claim, it would be Laos. Give the land lock guy a sea damn it!
    The Great Sea of Laos
    Say it with me

  9. The Chinese claim is just too greedy lol like it extends all the way to Malaysia???

  10. I thought it was called West Philippine Sea?

  11. We understand that china is lacking food supply to feed it's people, but STEALING for territories for food is what we don't understand. It is unforgivable. There's no honour in that. You feed your people with stolen food. I hope the Chinese people can sleep with that.

  12. Hahaha too many youtube channel are againts china.. be cool china.. just do what you have to do.. we south east asia support you..

  13. I also hope that China can be strong until then when we say that everything is correct and will not be bullied.

  14. So now China is now playing battleship?

  15. Imagine being annoyed at a country trying to grab oil… then look at what United States have done in countries that have had massive amount of oil.

  16. Malaysia is so rich with oil still so poor in currency. What is the real problem??

  17. Actually that body of water is not just the south china sea, only half of that body of water is. The other part is the west philippine sea

  18. So it is terrible that they make fake islands to get resources but the West can make fake wars for the past 2 decades to take over smaller countries with…. Resources like oil!!!

  19. 我在我自己的院子里建什么管你什么事?有能耐你拆了他试试?别天天像发情的公猪一样的叫嚣,赶紧行动,光用嘴哔哔没有任何意义

  20. It's just like the build-up to ww1 with the increased military personnel and weapons on the various borders of Europe.

  21. "Extend EEZ by claiming Spratly Islands"

    Best Fallacy at the nations level

  22. Sorry, but I think you mean WEST PHILIPPINE SEA

  23. China cancer in the earth

  24. The Chinese, they took everything here in the Philippines.

  25. Scary chinese government only war can stop them that place is a economic zone of the philippines.

  26. I'm seriously hoping for a massive tsunami that would annihilate all of those Chinese military "infested" islands. Get lost.

  27. 5 countries + vs china who will win?

  28. All that extra money that China has is from the USA.


  30. I really hope China takes over the world, I need me an Asian wife

  31. 5:18 you forgot an s sweetie

  32. U never know asean unite and fight agains china

  33. This is old news.China and Philippines are now one of the best of friends,
    who will jointly explore for oil,and get rich together, and China will also help Philippines to build its trains and infrastructure.
    The big loser is the usa government who is now trying to target the Philippines government with fake human rights accusations,
    Just because the smart and wonderful president Duterte started destroying the despicable drug gangs in the Philippines.

  34. China shouldn't overestimate themselves,they are doing good.
    But they aren't nearly at the level of U.S or Russia.

  35. China and Russian they don’t respect international law they only think selfish very dangerous country these 2 hopefully we have us to play police otherwise the world would be already China and Russia

  36. 美国一天天的衰落,周边国家历史上本来就是我们的藩属国,只是拿回本该属于自己的东西,什么第一岛链,第二岛链,现在是你的岛链,等收复了台湾,拿下了南海。周边的越南,菲律宾,日本,韩国,泰国,新加坡,都会离开美国的庇护成为我们的小弟。

  37. Quin Shi Huang unified China now Xi Jinping will unify the World.

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