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Why It’s Dangerous For Country Music Artists To Criticize The NRA (HBO)

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Comments (22)

  1. "yeah I used to blow the antlers off deer with muh 12 Gage when I was a kid, regular country NRA stuff"

  2. Stop the fake sketchy music, when he’s just talking about childhood hunting trips.

    Not like he’s colluding with the NRA in some evil plot lmao.

  3. The NRA wouldn’t be as powerful as it is if it wasn’t a valuable organization to its members. If the left wasn’t always trying to undermine and curtail gun rights then the NRA wouldn’t be needed.

  4. Yes!! I love country music now!!

  5. Lots of people who don't use or own guns would like to restrict other people who have different experiences and opinions. It's mostly political…pure power play.

  6. Respect to Dexter Thomas for his work but what's with that hair??

  7. Nice to see Gerald from Hey Arnold landed a job.

  8. This dude say he hunted deer with a 12 gauge?

  9. the nra is just a way to make a list of gun owners

  10. These guys should stop singing about bravery and freedom.

  11. Wait wait wait! Deer hunting with a 12 gauge. It's one thing to have an opion on the NRA but to lie is another.

  12. pure propaganda. NOT JOURNALISM

  13. the NRA does nothing wrong. They stand up for the 2nd Amendment, which Vice is against.

  14. Because an artist criticizing over half their fan base is such a good idea for them criticizing the NRA is not dangerous it’s just stupid

    This whole video comes off as vice being butt hurt that country singers aren’t overly political left wing shills like Hollywood

  15. Sorry, What? 12 gauge SHOTGUN for hunting deer? You use a rifle for hunting deer, like come on dude. Thats such garbage. Guy is a phony.

  16. Which is why country mostly sucks these days. Aint got nothing to say. Country usta talk about the unions, coal miners getting rip off, civil rights all kinda shit. Now aint got nothing to say.

  17. Lol did they really have to explain that?

  18. Susan was throwing some shade across that table

  19. everyone at their shows has a gun, that's why.

  20. country music => NRA? seriously? Maybe that's why Taylor Swift slowly walked away from the genre?

  21. Never went deer hunting with a shotgun.

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