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Why Starbucks Failed In Australia

Starbucks can be found all over the world, from Shanghai to Guantanamo Bay. But there is one continent that was uninterested in the coffee giant. Australians largely rejected Starbucks’ attempted takeover, which led to an embarrassing retreat for the brand.

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Why Starbucks Failed In Australia | CNBC

Comments (40)

  1. Because now more and more cheap and nice coffee in any area.

  2. because aussies are smart asswipes

  3. Shame on you Starbucks, A family member was on holiday in Newyork and you refused to serve him because he was black British. Racist terrorism. So am happy they failed in Australia.

  4. AUSTRALIAS COFFE IS GREAT WE DONT NEED STARBUCKS!!! THATS WHY! (Its pricy and other local cafes are better and cheaper)

  5. Written, sponsored and authorized by the Gloria Jean coffee company.

  6. It’s hard to developed a taste for lousy coffee… sorry guys

  7. Come on, it’s just coffee. Why so overpriced?

  8. You mean it wasn't because they spelt people's names right?

  9. it makes sense why starbucks not so emerging to open shopes lately, they developing the shops instead adding more shops now.

  10. Continent? You're speaking about Australia as a country, not as a continent lol. Or "continent" has a lil bit different meaning in Australian English? Hmm, anyone can tell me?

  11. I'm a West Aussie and prefer to go to Dome for coffee. Starbucks was never popular here. I'm not a huge fan of Gloria Jeans either.

  12. Opening in Milan…lol don't even bother.

  13. Because Aussies aren’t dumbasses like us?

  14. It's huge different with Indonesia. Starbucks so many have store in Indonesia. Mostly the customers spend their time at those store to get wifi 😂

  15. American merchandise always make profits no matter location or local competitors, simply because the fact that new generation want to live " american", starbucks makes tons of millions dollars all over the world and it will continue to do so, same like mac, kfc, etc, people go to Starbucks even if the coffee cup costs more than the local one, no country can beat america economically .

  16. I like how the comment section is dragging Starbucks and America at the same time… sad.

  17. Starbucks also failed in South Africa. Our coffee is also much better and much cheaper! Aint nobody got time for that!

  18. You're doing amazing Australia!

  19. The opposite situation happen in Bali..starbucks is growing supper fast like she is another mcd, like you can find her at every street's corners..but Gloria jean shut her big outlet long time ago and i think she still has 1 outlet only (?) at legian area

  20. Why is he saying that Australia is a continent?

  21. i don't drink coffee any more. you don't need it too.

  22. you forgot 1 state it's the ACT

  23. Expensive and I prefer local coffee.

  24. Simple. Starbucks coffee sucks & overpriced.

  25. Lol good luck in Italy Starbucks. Hahahaha

  26. Expensive and tasted like crap, they try to hide the taste with sugar

  27. Australians don't want crap "coffee" laden with sugar and other candy.

  28. When I was there I saw a Starbucks at the mall in Australia.

  29. Place is a rip off I got a half frozen muffin yesterday for like three bucks, and it totally sucked.

  30. How can they serve 35 million Australians when the entire population of Australia is less than 23 millions?

  31. Starbucks' coffee is horrible, to succeed they need to learn how to make coffee first.

  32. Maccas and hjs coffee is way better than Starbucks

  33. I had starbucks for the first time went I went to Brisbane I had a hot coffee and a chiller one sip on both and straight in the bin worst coffee I have ever had. I love my coffee I have a least 20 cups on average per day and starbucks coffee is horrid.

  34. First things first: I am Australian but I am not a coffee drinker. I think you undersold the effect the 2008 GFC had on their trading ability in the country. What you are also not mentioning is that compared to USA, China or most other countries is that Australia simply does not have that large a population to support how fast they wanted to grow the business. Every time I go into a downtown CBD Starbucks in a large Metro City, it's doing a roaring trade. Suburban shopping areas in city outskirts simply do not have the foot traffic to Warrant their sales type.

  35. Because the Aussies may be bogged down in American-style PC, radical liberalist loser mentality, but there's right fine Aussies who have brains and they use 'em.
    Buttfucks. Who needs it.

  36. The real reason is because it american

  37. Starbucks coffee just isn’t any good, that’s why it failed in Australia

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