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Wildish Bambino: This is the TV | Lenny Henry – BBC

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Lenny Henry parodies Childish Gambino’s This Is America with his own take as Wildish Bambino’s This is the TV. Get ready for laughs, lols and sketches galore as we celebrate comedy legend Lenny Henry turning 60.

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In 1975, a 16-year-old Lenny Henry bunked off school to appear on New Faces. In 2018, after a long and glittering career, Lenny is 60 – the perfect excuse to celebrate a man who has made a unique impact on British comedy. Hosted by Trevor McDonald in front of a studio audience, this programme takes a lighthearted look back at his career and presents new iconic sketches including music legends Stevie Wonder and Stormy.

The Lenny Henry Birthday Show | BBC

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  1. no much diversity in Peaky Blinders? well, no much diversity in your video. At least PB is watchable.

  2. Lenny Henry baby!!!🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  3. Man bring Chef back…pleaase!!??

  4. do it yaself! i've got to save some Afriicaaans!!!! 🖕!!!!!

  5. Thank God I don't pay the bbc marxist fee.

  6. Ngl I was pleasantly surprised at how poinient this was

  7. Keegans dad at the end

  8. Err. .I wonder when that wonderful comedian Sir lenny Henry CBE will actually come up with some new material. ..he's been plugging the same show for 32 years.

  9. Please tell me Childish Gambino has seen this

  10. Nicole Arbour writing for the BBC now?

  11. 3:12 Who is the young lady with the phone in her hand

  12. Stormzy and Kendrick really got old fast

  13. Only Generation X and Baby Boomers will understand and may chuckle at this!!!

  14. Brilliant, fair play Lenny

  15. Myke C-Town would be upset at this

  16. Making fun of such a serious issue is disgusting and as a black person as well!! Clueless sheep laugh a long .

  17. Actually got excited that I might be able to stop paying for a tv license… atleast BBC know it's a waist of money 🤣

  18. I always cringe when the BBC try get into a trend

  19. Lenny henry killed it😂😂😂😂👍

  20. Got tricked into watching an ad. Recommendations on YT getin savy

  21. Also it's funny cuz he did a parody of dr who in the 80s and looky looky! 2:46


  23. Gwan lenry still killing it…still the best UK black comedian

  24. This is true no one wants to watch the BBC they just show loads of historical dramas when it comes to dr who they have no imagination why does the tardis ha e to always land on earth

  25. Lennie you are a legend, this is brilliant!!

  26. OMG!!!!!! You smashed it Sir Lenny. You still have the moves at 60.

  27. How racist can you get

  28. I saw this on TV and I loved it!!

  29. Wasn't sure how certain scenes would be handled, but it turned out alright

  30. Soooooo true! But its society advancing. Who gives a flying F***! lol

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