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Women Expose Their Armpit Hair – New Trend

There is a new trend taking off on social media that of women posting images of themselves with unshaved arm pits.

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Ryan Wazonek

Comments (35)

  1. If wanting to have the option of keeping my god given body hair makes me a feminazi, then hell yeah, SIGN ME UP!

  2. Armpit hair is natural I was told by a certain person that I knew very well that I need to shave my armpits and that it was a hygiene issue and disgusting that sent me into depression they regretted ever saying that to me and apologized and to make me feel better they stopped shaving their armpits and their legs. Don't shave people it's not necessary and it's not good for your skin.

  3. women or men. bare or hair. you are free to have your own opinion.

  4. It's cool. All that shaving derived from the USA. I love when women are naturally beautiful.

  5. if guys grow armpit hair why shouldn't women?

  6. Women AND men should shave their armpit hair. It's gross on both woman and man. ;-;

  7. -laughing bc of all the "fucking feminazis" comments, it's not even just feminazis, feminazis are like "WOMEN SHOULDNT SHAVE BC MEN DON'T HAVE TO AND IT'S OPRESSION" Blah blah blah actual feminists are like "it's natural, just hair, shave it if you want to, don't if you don't want to"

    me personally, (female) it doesn't affect someone's attractiveness unless it's a looooot on anyone, male or female
    also it obviously grows there for a reason sO
    I shave my armpits about every 2 months bc I go to a lot of conventions and it's for cosplay purposes
    I find it uncomfortable to not have pit hair honestly
    (however that's the only area I don't keep shaven)


  9. It's just hair men have it to get over yourself women grow hair where the men grow it we just have to cut it in USA because of you men frown a pond it

  10. i dont't care really

  11. I don't find armpit hair very appealing, especially for us men making us all sweaty and stuff
    But no one should have to shave just because what I want

    What do you call a toothless beaver? A toothless beaver

  12. Fuck no it's not attractive

  13. Juat grow ur fuken armpit hair but don't complain when the only thing that loves you is you're rock

  14. I use the smallest setting on my lady shaver to keep my underarms neat. I don't do a complete shave unless I'm going sleeveless the next day.
    I hate that itch you get when hair starts growing in. >.<
    But I can't just "let it grow". lol

  15. Pokemon red is the better version. Charizard over Blastoise any day. Also it's one of the few games i actually completed (getting mew with the missingno on cinnibar isle pre internet of course so I had to learn that stuff old school style).

  16. This is the way I would put it;

    No women should HAVE TO shave anything, but people have preferences. It's about being comfortable with yourself, but don't be offended when someone doesn't think the same way about you.

    If you don't shave, don't be mad if someone finds it disgusting, or unattractive. I'm sure you find some things unattractive as well.

  17. It looks like it's just trendy among ugly lesbians??

  18. I myself am a female and I don't like the idea of this… It's disgusting, (in my opinion) I do not think it is attractive or hot

  19. i hate when man dont shave ther armpit what about the girls wtf its grows

  20. we find hairy armpits nasty because we were taught that way

  21. I think armpit hair is gross weather it be on a man or a woman.

  22. I fainted half way i saw their armpit hair 🙁

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