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Zac Efron doesn’t recognise Breaking Free from High School Musical. Sad times.

…and NOBODY cares about One Direction

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  1. I’m mean… at least he recognized it😭💖

  2. OMG I could name that in three seconds and yet Zac was in the movie and couldn’t name it 😂😂😂

  3. 1:15
    Dude- Is that ur voice?
    Zac- Yes
    Me: wtffff that's not even u

  4. Isn’t anyone gonna talk about how uncomfortable Emily looked when “Blurred Lines”? I don’t think Zac had any ideia! That’s so heckin’ funny!

  5. this acc made me cry. i feel like hes doing it on purpose

  6. ‘’Is that your voice?’’ ‘’Yeah’’ Zac come on its not yours 😂

  7. … direction. YAS YAS. ZAC GUESS IT XD

  8. Guys. Zac said high school musical as soon as he heard the first chord. It obviously was quite long ago, and there are 3 high school musicals full of songs. He won’t be able to remember in a click the name of the song. GIVE HIM A BREAK

  9. I am actually disappointed 🙁

  10. Didn’t know one direction or high school musical, okay I’m bout to go cry to myself :’(

  11. Guys he literally said HSM on the first chord he even said a getcha head in the game reference at the end we all should know one a wildcat, always a wildcat. GETCHA HEAD IN THE GAME

  12. Zac come on breaking frees my favourite

  13. Who cares what the name of the song is….He said "soaring and flying", thats good enough.

  14. When your life goes from Disney to rates R movies…

  15. maybe cuz he ain’t the one who sang it 🤪

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