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ZZ Top's Vegas Rock Musical | RS News 5/21/19

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Comments (17)

  1. How long can they keep going.I think it will kill em if they stop.1 off band.50 years.That is a long time.Big you like um or not.Been a huge part of my life for 37 years.

  2. 🤠 Billy, Frank, Dusty: Thanks, y'all! Stop by the Star 🌟 Cafe in the Stockyards next time you're in Fort Worth! 👍😎

  3. We feel sorry for anyone that hasn't explored the ZZ Top album catalog. They are one of our all-time greatest Texas Power Trios!!!

  4. All that music packed tightly in a bass, a guitar and drums. Texas thunder.

  5. Rolling Stone is a left wing liberal rag

  6. Rolling Stone is garbage.

  7. There is no Las Vegas casino near me.

  8. Old ZZ Top they could go on for ever as anyone could take over from them as they reach old age and we wouldn't know because of the beards
    Keep on rocking boys.

  9. One of the best muscians of all time

  10. I work with them during The Eliminator tour

  11. That's a photo of bill and Ted 3, not zztop!

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